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Over weight, low cholesterol

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Have just taken my friend to the Dr's for a check up/results of blood test. She weighs over 15 stone, does no exercise at all, eats everything she should not eat, ie. cake, biscuits, bread, chips and snack food yet cholesterol was just over 3. Does any of this make sense when I've religiously stuck to fruit, veg, low carb, plenty of exercise, weight around 8stone, yet cholesterol over 7 and taking tablets for BP? And to really rub it in, my husband who is also overweight ie 19 stone + and eats everything he shouldn't, has low cholesterol and BP in the 110/70 region.

18 Replies
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You sometimes wonder how our bodies work...sometimes it's in our genes and whether we stick to a healthy diet tick all the boxes...it's sometimes the luck of the draw...I know sometimes with cholesterol even sticking to a healthy diet exercise no smoking no drinking not over weight etc...like you've mentioned it can still be high....it's not fare...

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Concerned in reply to Prairie

Often it may be because people think they are being healthy. For instance, people can eat high-glycaemic foods such as jacket potatoes, that will raise their insulin levels contributing to high blood pressure.

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Low cholesterol can be a sign that someone is ill; cholesterol being an essential part of the immune system, low cholesterol can leave them susceptible to illness.

Similarly you can have too much of a good thing, such as with exercise for instance the first thing your body has to do is put back what was used during the exertion. Then you need to allow sufficient time for your body to adapt. Continually over-working will result in exhaustion that will negatively impact your health.

Dr Kendrick cites that lowering blood pressure with medication is not beneficial in and of itself.

You have to look at the bigger picture too. Measures like cholesterol are debatable in so far as the evidence is not conclusive that they are indicative of ill-health themselves, but they may as part of a collection of markers.

It becomes complex when you realise that fruit for example contains fructose, so too much will contribute to blood-thickening by glycosylating red blood platelets.

Look at things like:

When you are ill, how well do you recover?

What is your Triglycerides to HDL ratio?

Do you have any indications of hormonal imbalance such as PCOS?

Do you have degenerative disease such as arthritis?

Do you have recurrent infections?

Poor dental health, or abnormal growths?

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Thank you for your suggestions, one thing that my husband and friend have in common is that neither of them get stressed out where as I do which can be difficult to overcome. Interesting re Dr Kendrick's views on BP.

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From what you are saying, two people have low cholesterol but high in weight!

You low in weight but high in cholesterol! Is cholesterol from family?

Are there any difference in the food intake between you and your husband?

Relax and enjoy life. Can life style change help you?

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KatyB in reply to sandybrown

Thank you for your reply, my father died from an aneurism at the age of 71, his mother lived to 98 with no known illness, my mother died at 80 from cancer but no other problems. My husband is an onion fan along with his family who all have low cholesterol, low bp. but he does eat lots of chocolate, crisps and cheese and onion butties. I'm going to try garlic tablets, have just been reading about the Egyptian mummies 3500 years old with blocked arteries! Perhaps our modern lifestyle is not to blame after all?

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lillywhites in reply to KatyB

hi you must use kyolic aged garlic its the best garlic to use

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Penel in reply to KatyB

The Egyptian mummies' (and apparently the Bronze Age man found on the Alps) blocked arteries may well be the result of inflammation. Interesting stuff.


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Just goes to prove that everyone's bodies are different and some are super effective at coping with what we throw at (in) them.

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We have been so duped with the "low fat, high carb, low protein" diet over the past 30 years that we have not realised what damage we are doing to our bodies. Your friend and husband have totally ignored all of that and gone their own way! You, on the other hand, have duly obeyed all the rules and expected to be healthy! I wouldn't go so far as stuffing yourself with crisps and biscuits but it would be a good idea just to try and change your low fat lifestyle! Bake your own biscuits so that you can watch how much sugar you are taking in! Cut down on the fruit juice and eat fresh fruit who's fibre balances the fructose in the fruit, and cut out the processed food, and that means all that lovely low fat, non fat yogurt and meals that you have been buying! Eat fresh meat, fish and pulses and CUT DOWN on the bread, rice, and pasta and start cooking from scratch just like Mum used to do!

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KatyB in reply to patch14

Strangely enough, I have always eaten my home cooked food, just good fresh home grown food out of the garden. Home made soups with pulses, lentils, home made bread with no sugar, not a pasta or rice fanatic, a little goats butter but no margarine, never touch fruit juices or low fat ready meals, only eat full fat plain yoghurt with plenty of blueberries, fresh salmon every week so cannot see where I am going wrong food wise. At the moment, have a beef, kidney and oxtail stew cooking in the oven, smells divine!

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patch14 in reply to KatyB

Can I join you for supper?! Sounds like you are doing all the right things!!!!! I wonder if, as you say, you are stressed? I have always been a supporter of the "stress causes illness" camp. It can underlie so much illness and disease. Also, do you have any chronic problems like arthritis (like me) which will mean that your Cholesterol is rushing about your body trying to heal it. Also, have you had a breakdown of your figures? I was interested in mine when I found out that although my figure had hardly changed the HDL and LDL figures had mightly changed for the better. I have been told that if you divide your total Cholesterol by your HDL and the answer is under 4 you are doing well! Keep on keeping on Katyb and enjoy your supper!

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jeny1eye in reply to KatyB

This all sounds like me! I do everything right, my own prepared meals, soups from real chicken stock, etc. My cholesterol was 7.8 some months ago. My husband eats anything, especially pies! and is so darn healthy. One thing stands out, I too get stressed, but can't really change this. I have been exercising more though, with my daughter's help, which has made a great difference. Cholesterol now 7.0. Best of luck.

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Diet does not affect cholesterol levels to the extent the medical profession would have us believe.

Our cholesterol levels differ throughout our life and if it's high then it's more likely due to inflammation. If there's a problem within our bodies our immune system ( anti bodies ) kick in this also means cholesterol rises, it has nothing to do with diet, that's why your friend and your husband have ' normal ' levels.

I suggest you ask GP for a blood test to find out your inflammation levels, it could simply be an aching joint, ear or dental problem.

We only consume 15% of our total body cholesterol our body makes remaining 85% if we consume more then our body produces less.

Please don't worry that diet is the problem my advice is inflammation test.

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Well thanks everybody for taking the time to reply. I shall ask my GP for the inflammation test as Sonyajba suggests as I do suffer with wear and tear joints, also take the kyolic garlic and yes, you would be most welcome to join us for supper Patch 14.

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sandybrown in reply to KatyB


Will be interested in you GPs comments on inflammation testing. I did ask my GP on inflammation and magnesium testing. My GPs response was it is in early stage. Would appreciate your comments after your GP visit.


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KatyB in reply to sandybrown

Looked up blood tests for inflammation and the nhs site explains all the tests they do. Includes the CPR - C-reactive protein test for inflammation. The ESR - Erythrocyte sedimentation rate test to diagnose high levels of inflammation. Will be having my 6 month check up in June so will ask then.

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rocheen in reply to KatyB

Hi did you have an inflammation test.

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