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pulse rate low since i have been exercizing ?

hey guys i just started working out about 2 weeks ago. i have been feeling so much better with my anxiety i just have mini attacks every now and again. still sob and dizzy but no where near as bad . before i had started working out my pulse was any where from 70 to 100 bpm somtimes 140 bpm with a panic attack . then before i go to bed it it was around 86 bpm and now that i am working out i have a pulse of 60 to 80 somtimes 90.then before i go to bed it drops to about 58 .and in the morning it is 51 to 56 is this normal ?

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First you should check with your GP before undergoing any new exercise, then learn safely, observing warm-ups, cool-downs, and don't over-exert yourself. The soreness people often associate with starting a new activity can be minimised by not training too intensely.

That said, observe safe training heart-rates; usually 60 to 80% of maximum heart rate, which is usually calculated as 220 minus your age. Then training at an average 150 beats per minute for 12 minutes, or 140 beats per minute for 20 minutes, or 130 beats per minute for 45 minutes is sufficient to stimulate a training effect for the heart and lungs. You then need to allow at least 24.2 hours after completing your training session for the adaptation to occur before your next session, and up to a maximum of 4.5 days.

So, yes, your resting heart rate seems quite normal, though your activity may not be intense enough to yield an adaptive response.

How are you monitoring your pulse?


thank u for letting me know i was freaked out there for a bit lol. my work out involes bench press,squats,curls,push ups chin ups, resistance training,sit ups, etc when i first started i was only working out for about 10 to 15 minunts now i am working out 30 minunts to an hour of fast paced work outs i have been doing a lot better now anxiety wise and i am monitering my pulse by a blood pressure machine

.thanks again


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