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I'm frightened!!

Waiting for angiogram after couple of episodes of ambulance to A&E. Could be Angina they say, but very bad reaction to medication so now on betablockers and spray under tongue if required. Doctor says to keep calm but when chest pain is with me late at night it is scary but am doing my best to stay calm till angiogram in couple of weeks. I'm new to all this - any advice?

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If you've been convinced that the medical establishment etc have got the current advice right, and you've been following it, have a read of this and see if a different approach may be warranted.


Thank you very much indeed Mike. I've read through this information and will read it again, learn more and take all of this into account. I consider myself to have eaten sensibly most of my life and certainly since I've got older I eat very sensibly. However what comes to mind and something I've never been able to understand was having gallstones at the age of 22 so badly was operated on immediately?? Is there some kind of connection in that my body reacts to certain foods ?? will do research and find out. Very interesting and thanks again



No, haven't come across it. Pointer?


You're welcome!

Eating very sensibly I hope is mainly what your grandparents would have, ie butter, cheese, full fat milk, cream, bacon, eggs etc etc and not the 'healthy whole grain' nonsense (coupled with the massive, massive sugar consumption that goes hand in hand with the 'low fat' garbage that is making the worlds population so sick).

Incidentally, a low fat, high carbohydrate diet has been associated with gallstones, and whilst you look at this explore Diet Doc and see if the content makes sense:

Don't be frightened!

You have access to information via the web people did not in the '80's (and suffered as a consequence). Do your research and take charge of the path you need to walk in restoring your health.


Yes! Eat like my ancestors! Because I want to die from a heart attack at about 50 like so many of my ancestors did!

Who is recommending a low fat, high carbohydrate diet as such? Isn't that a myth promoted by LCHF product-makers? The current NHS advice is basically lots of fresh greengrocery and starches (yes, they're carbs), some proteins and only a little sugary (they're carbs too) and fatty food. Read more at

mags55 - I know the mind can loop on itself in the dead of night, but try to find ways to relax because fretting really doesn't help much and you end up more tired besides anything else. Some people like various types of relaxation recordings, others like to read a good fiction book until they get drowsy.

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Do you know how old the NHS eat well plate is?

From my own experience NHS food specialists did not offer me much help!

After reading on how much sugar is in different food I have avoided to follow NHS eat well plate! eating butter, cheese, coconut oil and many more healthy food, only time will tell.


Yes, I'm not wild about the simplistic plate but even that has been updated as new evidence became available. The marketing is awful but the underlying advice isn't so bad and it goes far beyond the plate. If you followed current advice, you'd actually be avoiding most of the refined sugar.

I'm surprised you call coconut oil "healthy" - last I heard, that was particularly troublesome for Familial Hypercholesterolaemia sufferers - and I'd take care not to overindulge in any of the foods you name. Not that I expect my view or the evidence bases to make any difference to fans of still-unproven LCHF diets.


Low carb product makers? Do me a favour!


thanks again Mike


As your doctor says just stay calm.

When you have had your angiogram then all will become clear.

DONT jump to knee jerk reactions now. Make your mind up after you have your results but be prepared to change your life style. Stay calm.


Please stay calm till your appointment. In A&E if things are bad angiogram and angioplasty are done without any delay. In you case your are waiting for an appointment therefore it may not be that bad!

Make sure you write down your questions and ask all of the questions. If there is any blockage, how many are blocked and what % is the blockage, can medication help or angioplasty is necessary.

Please Google angiogram to have an idea of what to expect.

Life style change and food intake control and exercise are very important for health life.


Thanks to you all, so appreciated. Great advice about preparing to ask questions at angiogram and will do. Echo this Saturday morning and then angiogram following Friday, so not long. And yes trying to stay calm is the answer. Will let you all know what happens. Oh and one last question? Do any if you think it's more difficult losing weight when you have unresolved heart issues?


Life style change and simple exercise can help. You mention Echo.

There is electro cardiogram, some time on the treadmill with 12-leads connected to monitor. The other echo cardio gram which is an ultra sound device. I had both done to check my heart because of high cholesterol, both test gave good results.

good luck with both tests.


Yes, I think it's more difficult: most advice on losing weight includes exercise where you get slightly out of breath. If you're uncertain about your heart, then getting out of breath is probably going to worry you, which may contribute to problems.

However, being overweight also contributes to problems, so as long as the doctors say OK, then I'd think it's worth making a start, maybe with gentle low-intensity exercise like armband weights, swimming or cycling but taking care not to overexert oneself.


Hi Mags55,

I have had two angiograms, one in 2007 when I had a series of heart attacks, blockages were found, unfortunately I was not a suitable candidate for stents (Diabetic (Insulin dependant) and an Aspirin allergy) and was then sent on for a triple by pass.

The angiogram is routine these days and I found it to be almost painless. The team that did mine took a lot of care with me. The best way of looking at it is that if it shows no blockages, great and your chest pain or angina can be controlled with medication. If there are blockages then stents can be given and the blockage cleared, simple!

The other angiogram I had was in 2011 when I was suffering from angina. Again very little pain and this time it showed no blockages and all my bypass grafts were good. An echo cardiogram later showed I had mild heart failure caused by my heart attack 4 years earlier, My medication was changed and matters heart are now managed.

Its easy to say don't worry, you will whatever other people tell you, but remember you are in control and ask questions until your satisfied,

Best of luck!



David, many thanks. Only a few days to go for my Angiogram thank goodness. In the meantime my medication has been changed to Beta blockers which have really helped with chest pain. Obviously will wait till after all tests done before making any changes, but having gained weight the last couple of years and been almost unable to lose it I reckon all connected with heart issues which I'd ignored? Makes you wonder. Thanks again



Hi, i am exactly same as you! I can't sleep at night and i am very afraid of not waking up.


Good morning! Please don't worry. I've now had my angiogram and things are much better than I expected. Are you seeing someone about your concerns?



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