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hi ,i had a quadruple heart bypass back in 2003, and in 2009 my angina returned so i went for a angiogram, and the result was 1 of the 4 was

blocked , so they said my dr will up my tablets, now my angina is playing up again, so have to see a cardiologist on the 14/7/2014 , my dr said the cardiologist may want to "redo" me im really not looking forward to my consultation at all

any advice please

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Not a lot of comfort I'm sorry to say. You will surely have been told these procedures are not guaranteed for life. You have come through one set ok, so surely thats some help.



is that your Doctor's opinion though about the cardiologist wanting to "redo" you? It may be something completely different to another op. Maybe a stent or something similar?

Doctor's are a wonderful thing but are limited in specific fields. Your cardiologist will know best and wont want you to through the trauma again unless it is necessary. Please don't worry too much, it might not be as bad as you are probably thinking. Good luck!!


I am useing Strauus Heart drops for 2 years 6 months after turning down a triple and have been fine can only get it from canada look up there web site and make your own mind up expensive but i considered it better than an op if it worked, up to now fine and I had three blocked but we are all different wish you all the best heartgirl4



I am sorry to hear that you need to a cardiologist again. Wait for your appointment, write down all your questions, with dates of all the procedures you had and then write down all the answers from the cardiologist.

The cardiologist may want to do echo cardio gram or electro cardiogram or another angiogram. Not sure of any "redo" procedures!

Any life style change?, food intake control? exercise? Good luck.


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