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I had a recent admission with AF and following stabilization i was discharged on sotalol 80 mg twice a day lisinopril 10 mg daily atorvastatin 80 mg daily clopidogrel 75 mg daily and Warfarin 5 mg daily until my INR level was 2.5 its now 2.3 The angiogram found that a stent which i had inserted last July was under-inflated but the consensus was that my condition would be better treated with medicinal care rather than cardiac intervention (unless the medicines didn't control the AF) my question is and i am also looking for reassurance from others in a similar situation and any comments from any one about this regime/treatment

thanks for any comments

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I was diagnosed with AF 9 years ago when my husband suddenly died. I said no to cardioversion and was put on Digoxin and Warfarin. The heart still jumped so i was prescribed Bisoprolol also. Then 2 years ago the GP decided i should also take Atorvastatin - 20mg. I've stopped taking this on and off as i feel it is the cause of too much cramp. The Gp has now reduced this to 10mg but haven't started 10mg yet.

The Warfarin i can understand but one tablet is to stabilise rhythm of heart, other to regulate and i feel they do neither. So then a cholesterol tablet is added because of AF I have never taken any medication all my life but feel much of the above is unnecessary and it is never suggested that maybe i should be assessed to confirm i should continue with this medication. Are all AF sufferers left to continue their medicstion with no reassessment?



Do you go for regular blood test at your GP practice. You medication, has it controlled cholesterol and INR level? You many need to ask your gP for a referral to get a better understanding on AF and your medication. Station as a secondary medication (After a stent) is necessary. Good luck.


Thanks having INR blood test next Tuesday plus Liver function test because of statins i understand and cholesterol blood test also I'm going to ask to see the cardiologist who treated me in my recent admission but i still feel anxious about the whole situation as i was so physically fit before all of this I'm 71 years young


Please list and write down all your questions, ask what tests are being carried out and when the results come out ask for a print out for you to keep. I am 68, yes it is worrying!.

for so far i have refused medication for blood sugar and cholesterol.

good luck and please let us know your blood test results.


Thank you for your interest


Hi centerpoint, yes I am in the AF club! I was passed to a cardiac nurse, her changes to my meds really turned things around for me and she sorted other things (gout) which my GP missed. I found that the correct dose of digoxin was the leader for me. All the other tabs are for BP, water retention ect.

So, nag nag nag to see a cardie nurse if you haven't seen one yet. They hold meetings to discuss your particular problems with others who again are specialists, so you get the best of the best, see if cardiac re-hab helps.



Could you please explain more on the GP missing your gout. How id a cardiac nurse identify gout?

The reason I am asking this is, I have had bad pain on my left big toe for few years now, each time I had been told it is an infection and I had antibiotics to clear it!!. This time two months ago the pain lasted for four weeks. In passing, I was told, I may have had gout, it it happens again we need to address gout!


Hi, the how & why of missing gout is more than I can type.

However the facts remain, the GP could have sent me for a blood test but didn't. On listening to me, she sent me for a gout blood test, the result was very close to 'not good' I now know that I had gout when I was 16.In those days u didn't rush to the GP for every sore, red, toe joint.

The origin of this was the breaking of 2 toes a week b4 I was supposed to start 8 weeks of cardiac rehab. I took the toes to AE on a Saturday 'cos I could see a red infection line running up my foot. They gave me a course of antibiotics to stop infection taking hold, 9 days later I went to start cardio rehab,

& of coarse when they saw toes set a new date 10 weeks later.

Anyway- a good fix for borderline gout is cider vinegar. I t is diluted with water until you can drink it, cos I has a foul taste.

(for me) TTFN and all the best


Good luck and best wishes. Just a short note that I think that's the top dose of Atorvastatin. If you take a break for any reason, you might find less disruptive to your body to take half-dose for two days before resuming full dose.


You seem to be on a lot of drugs. After my incident of af I was in hospital for a few days and then sent home with bisoprolol 2.5 mg and warfarin. No follow up so far in fact I think I'm forgotten about.i have regular inr blood checks but nothing else


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