Regarding the HPV vaccine. Have any parents noticed change in child's health since being given this vaccine. My daughter has not been real

Well since having it but when i queried the doctor i was given the brush off even when i gave the stats about adverse reactions. Not to mention that the trials for this vaccine were not what they should have been. Out of 13 milder adverse reactions she had 6 but all we were told was that she's going through a growing stage and that is what is causing all her symptoms. She's 13 by the way.


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  • ytyvet,

    over 18000 reactions have been reported by Yellow Card to the MHRA with many of them being serious disabling autoimmune reactions eg. POTS, ADEM, NMDA, CFS/ME, CRPS. Our daughter started off with what was thought to be tiredness, fatigue, feeling cold which after 2 months developed into what was thought to be glandular fever but she then went into a 13 week coma. 50 cases are currently going through the courts in France and the judge in the first case found in favour of the vaccine causing the adverse reaction. The following website has a huge amount of genuine information:

  • ytyvet,

    sorry I forgot to mention that the number of Yellow Card reports is huge compared with all other vaccines. Go to the 'What do they know' (freedom of information website) and search HPV Yellow Cards - you will find the statistics for the last 5 years comparing HPV with all other vaccines. There are 10-100 more Yellow Card reports for HPV vaccine than any other vaccine.

    Also the other website you can look up is 'NHS Choices', find the 'HPV vaccine side effects page' and look at the public comments - its full of reports of serious disabling autoimmune side effects.

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