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Claims for compensation re statin side effects are now being files against drug companies in the US.

What would be the scenario in the UK? I think that the best route would be to sue the NHS direct, as statins are being prescribed according to the NHS hierarchy guidelines.

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Interesting. Which side effects are we talking about here? The biggest and baddest is the fact that they don't work! My husband and many others I read about on the net still have arteries that block up again after surgery and after taking this 'medication' for years. As it is now appearing that sugar is the main gangster in the mix here, and scientists have been reporting their findings on this for some years, statins, in my opinion, should be taken off the market and banned.

If your problem is with plaque buildup in the arteries, the only thing which is going to help is to alter your diet. There are plenty of scientific reports out there to back this up, go look.

And, best of luck taking these pharmas to court, they definitely are criminal.

ursa in reply to Jdottie

We are being conned into taking a medicine that in reality has no scientific proof that it works. Can those that try to promote it, point at actual real individuals whose lives have been saved because of statins?

Then, on the other hand, the side effects people report are being trivialised. I think that a lot of people just do not make the connection that it is the statin that caused them, especially when they are not too severe at first but build up gradually.

Conspiracy theory: not going to happen because wealthier people in the UK use private health care and don't eat the fodder recommended by the Department of Health's Eatwell Plate for instance. Poorer people don't have the money to prosecute.

ursa in reply to Concerned

It can happen if we get a large enough power base.

The US are suing, and they do not have a universal health care system.

Statins are big business, about worth 29B per annum globally, the private healthcare insurance market is not immune to the marketing tactics of large 'for profit' corporations.

meganbelle When i was in the states there where regular adverts asking people if they had suffered type 2 diabetes after taking crestor and if so to contact a solicitor ,so what does this say about their wonderful statins.

I can see a similar scenario to the PPI mis-selling scandal evolving.

Soon lawyers may contact us to fight our case on a no win no fee basis.

I have concluded that the only 'proof' the so called 'clinical trials' in respect of statins have produced that statins do lower cholesterol levels.

There is no proof that the lowering of cholesterol by itself prevents anything. - US site - UK site

I have contacted them with the intent to file a claim.

UK solicitors at present are not taking part in statin related claims, but, I think it is just a matter of time.

here is another interesting report I have come across.

I have read it, thanks.

I do still criticize the lack of transparency and and am overall not convinced about the correctness of the NHS's promotion of statins as a preventative drug.

Here we go again "The blame culture syndrome" How about stopping all of this sue this and that in the NHS The only people (if you could call the scum that ) are the legions of lawyers who would make a mint and the losers are YOU and the people of this country and the NHS . When you sue the NHS YOU and the scum take money away from the NHS which stops building of hospitals,drug research, pay for their employees , equipment and the legion of other bits and pieces that makes the NHS something we all should be proud of and grateful for.

I suggest you just go to even Europe and try their health service ,your tail would soon be between your legs .

OUR NHS is exceptional and I for one feel blessed and happy to contribute even more tax to keep it going It`s served me well and also saved the life of myself and my wife and that, I am eternally grateful for.

ursa in reply to bobski1

I would never criticise the NHS generally, but, we have to make sure that it is not becoming swayed into putting too much reliance on so called 'clinical trials' carried out by the drug companies.

There is a lack of transparency, I am not saying that it is the NHS's intention to hide information from the general public, but, the NICE website needs updating.

Please look at both side of the coin equally. Every country have their medical facility, if it is free or you pay for it. If there is a mistake in any field there is always compensation!!!. Who started this?

UK leas the way, we watch it in the news and read it in the papers. People are allowed to stay in UK and so on.

NHS has a function and it has a duty to deliver. There may be manufacturing issues with row materials!

I better stop here!

My point is simple, Far too many people in the UK are now suing the NHS for the most ridiculous things and taking that action before any other means aided and abetted by scum lawyers who are only in it for the money NOT for the well being of their clients. Their are rare occasions where action must be taken for negligence on the part of some but the blame game in now so well entrenched in the mind of a lot of people that medical practitioners are now watching their backs like never before to the detriment of all.

If you sue NHS direct what good does that do ? All you are doing (and your scumbag lawyers)is taking desperately needed money out of the NHS and people are going to die because of that .

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