New eat well plate?, old one 1995, new one 2014 read on

What you SHOULD have on your plate: We've already been told to halve our sugar intake, double our fruit and veg and that low-fat food makes us GAIN weight. Confused? Read our experts' guide

With the help of leading dietary experts, the NHS eat well plate has been given a complete overhaul, based on the latest scientific evidence.

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20 April 2014


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2 Replies

  • After three years of training on the Eatwell Plate, and forty years of fat phobia, it's hard for experts to overcome the inertia. Still fat phobic, still full of high-glycaemic foods, still processed oils. The food industry and vegetarian lobbyists' influence is too great; if this is the best they can do I gain solace from the fact that people can try eating real food for themselves to reap the benefits.

  • I expect a NHS rebuttal to this typical Daily Fail story may appear on once they're back from Easter.

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