Children with Allergies

son with asthma and pos ANA test

Good morning everyone. My 8 yr old has had many breathing issues since birth. RSV hospitalization for one. Upper respiratory infections and bronchitis over the years. Being put on liquid prednisone too many times and antibiotics. Last few yrs has been off nebulizers and well controlled with 3 inhalers, but most recently down to 1 inhaler. Pediatricians believe he is growing out of asthma. No more emergency room visits or hospital stay. Less dr visits. I have tried to start a parents of auto immune children or parents of children with asthma community but i don't know why it would not work.

Long story short, around the time he started making improvements visible with asthma, he started getting unexplained rashes, joint pain, hives, swelling in the joints and feeling very tired, worn out, itchy sometimes, hurting, no appetite etc. The last 2 times it occurred with low grade fever also & major stomach pain/issues since he was 3-4 with 1x even going to emergency room. First they said a virus, then it's allergies..... i was not convince. Benadryl only worked once. Zyrtec seemed to only take edge off and the last time we had to use that with benadryl and it did nothing besides make him more tired. They ran all of these allergic tests like 80 things 18 months ago and nothing came up. Now i was thinking their theory of allergies and sinus issues may not be right. 1 yr ago he seen an allergist for a scratch test whci again nothing. last flare up last sept., longest point we have gone without a rash or hives happening, but flare ups with joint pain and major stomach issues/pain still happen for days at a time and then go away. In march I took him into ped. which he had to see someone different because dr was not there. I explained everything and through in i have asthma also and auto immune conditions. showed 2 decent pics of a flare up with the hives. She sent him for tests. Everything looked ok except ANA was pos w/ a titer of 1:160 speckled pattern and he had some antibodies. What do you all think?