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Dont know what to say


So i have been to a craniofacial surgeon today on my workhours and asked for an attest for work but it says plastic surgery on it and now im a bit ashamed to give it to my boss :/ dont want to make a bad rep for going to a surgeon for something thats "cosmetic" 😔

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youniqueCommunity Ambassador

Does it have to say plastic surgery on it? Can it just say, "medical reasons". Your health is protected info you only need to tell them the bare minimum.

Its a paper from the surgeon we need something like that to go to a doctor in belgium i hoped it didnt say that but it does :/ i guess i will have to be honest about it. Atleast now i have been formally diagnosed with severe plagiocephaly and i can look into options for surgery

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Plastic surgery is way too big. If you don’t want to expose your situation you could simply tell you went for a plastic surgeon to remove a nevus. Here it is very common when the nevus is in a visible place


Hm, that's a difficult one. Do you think your employer might be understanding if you had an honest chat about how your condition sometimes affects your confidence?

Hey dolly i just told the truth kind regards

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