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Changing Faces
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Sad face

There's hardly anyone here.

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It's a brand new forum, it will take time to get more. Also it would be good to write a proper introduction post rather than just "hi" if you're looking to encourage conversation. Give it time, it's early days here still!


Also it's really hard to strike up a response to your profile description. I respect if you don't want to write about your condition or put up a picture but we're here for the same reason, to discuss our facial health issue and/or deformities so don't worry, we are here to help and support each other. You probably won't get instant replies though as we are busy busy 👍


I didn't know what else to say other than hi lol. Thanks for your comments. I will put up a picture eventually, when I feel confident enough. I've barely left the house in over 2 years so putting up a picture is tough. I hope your well☺

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Welcome to the the Changing Faces community Gorgonite, and hi to you too! As Arkyfox very kindly explained, it is a new forum and can take a while to gain momentum. One way to generate conversation if you're not sure what to say is to tell a bit about yourself e.g. the nature of your visible difference and what brought you to the community. Please don't feel obliged to post a photo unless of course you really want to, and only when you feel comfortable enough to do so. By the way, just to mention also that forum is not just people with facial differences, it's for anybody who has a mark, scar or condition that affects any part of the face or body. So, are you ready to tell us more about yourself? :)

Best wishes,



I've just joined! Hi!