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🎉Happy New Year🎉

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Happy 2022 to everyone, it's been a tough year for everybody! Let's hope that 2022 is a bit brighter & a lot less sad & missrable🙏🌈 We all need to look out for one another & keep close to our loved ones❤️throughout the year to come, celebrate 🎉 the good & forget the bad!

🎉Happy New Year one & all🎉🎄🍾

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Happy new year to you too. Hope it’s a better year for all. Take care xxx💜🎉👍❤️

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Happy new year sassy and family it's very mild here like spring which were looking forward we were saying last night how quick the years are flying by need to make most of our loved ones and create more happy memories pixie enjoyed his salmon chicken bacon buffet last night his nana did him his own cocktail stick combi hope you had a good new year eve we had none alcoholic pink sparkling wine then a cherry in it just before midnight 🙄 🎆🤗😽🌟🌻xxx

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Thank you so much HappySwimmer and a happy new year to you and to family and pixie too of course. It’s mild here too which is fine by us. Family coming round soon so that’s nice. We will ventilate and be careful. Glad you enjoyed your New Year’s Eve, we just went to bed as usual. Have a lovely day. Xx👍❤️🤗🎉😽🌹

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Thank you enjoy your family day were going for park walk soon but pixie has settled on my knee past couple years we thought won't stay up but always ended up been up so I decided to sleep at mam's and stay up and better than getting pixie home with fireworks 🙄🐆😽xxx

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Love the photo and hope you enjoy your walk. Fireworks upset animals. Xxx😘😘💜😘

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Thanks he's turned over resting head on chair arm I may be able to slip away 🤔😽xxx

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Bless him, easy does it. Xx🤗

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Baby hates the fireworks as well!

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Animals get so terrified. Xx

Happy new year to you and your family and anyone reading,me and my cat stayed at my mam house last night had a little buffet and managed to stay up until midnight saw the fireworks my mam is 83 this year we are going for a little walk in park soon hope you have a peaceful New year 🤗🐆🌟

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And to all of you too Mandy! 👍💖

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Hi Sue thanks were back at mine struggling but pixies ok I've bought bottle wine was ok at mam's never wanted anything I hate my house so much can't explain at least pixies ok I should never have come back 😪😿xx

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Thank you Mikeman58. All that you say is oh so true. Joining you in your wish for a better year for us all!

Happy new year to you as well!

Lovely sentiments ,and thank you.It has indeed been a difficult year for most people ,but we've pulled through in our indomitable way because we've had to.And i am sure that most of us have had something to be grateful for,but whether we can always dismiss the bad i am not sure,but we can but try.

Happy New Year to one and all ! My grandchildren and my eldest son drove down to be with us . The weather was miserable so the children had a pajama day and played board games etc.. Tuppence was not happy to see them , an 8yr old and a 6 yr old are a bit too lively for her .I have been nursing a stomach bug and head cold for a week 🙃. Seems the regular flu is making the rounds too .

I did a covid test which came out negative but everyone kept their distance .

Last night for a special treat , we took them to Sandy point park for a drive through light show to benefit the SPCA. There was a two mile

Trail along the water , very well done . We then came home to my special home made ice cream log . They left early this morning since my son had basketball practice for his players ahead of a big game tomorrow night .

Where ever you are, Happy new year !! And let's hope that 🙏we can get some normalcy back .


Gillian, Mookie Fox

happy new year

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