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Whatever love is.

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If they love you they will make the effort, they will be there for you when you need them the most. They will try to understand you even when they dont see eye to eye with you.

They will support you no matter what - in everything you wish to chase. They will correct you when your wrong, teach you when you need guidance.

Lead you when you feel lost and help you move in the right direction when your ready too.

If they love you, they will never stop looking out for you. No matter what happens.

Love comes in and out of our lives but true Unconditional Love is hard to find and once found is never to be let go

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Yes Roddy. Love comes in many packages and giving love always seems to eventually bring love back to you too. Without love who would make themselves responsible for the people we care or have cared for? Unconditional love is the most marvellous love of all. It looks for nothing in return, and sometimes is harder to find. Who loves a spider more than a cute puppy? Not many of us but spiders need love too. All beings want to be loved. And I hope that you are feeling loved today too! x

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Unconditional love is what I have for Pete and my family. They all have their problems and one son in particular has caused upset over the years yet he lives here with us and is loved. We all have our ups and downs but love conquers all.

Have a good day dear Roddy. Wishing you well. Xxx💜

I remember years ago when I was in my twenties and had gone through problems and they had felt worse just because it was Christmas and my parents wouldn't help me and had slammed the door shut in my face making up excuses and had said to me that I needed an appointment to ring at certain times which had upset me.

At that time I was working in a kitchen and cook there had a daughter who was my age and I had said to cook did her daughter Donna need an appointment to ring and she said no Donna didn't and could ring any time she wanted!

Over the last couple of days I have been sorting through the burning anger and resentment over how I have been treated and this had come up and other things and the hiding behind excuses of why things couldn't happen.

Point is if you really want to see someone then you will!

absolutely true...if people really want to see you ,they will.

This week I have had some very productive days of sorting out this burning anger working through various incidents and how they made me feel like telling me my problems weren't as important as someone else's back in 2019 and point is problems that are silly and trivial to one person aren't to another.

Another was when I was disappointed after a weekend away told that I had no right to feel like that but like I said before when blows strike like that at the time they can feel like the world has ended.

well said

thanks for sharing this secrets22 ... beautiful ! :)

There was one day when I was working in catering and I was doing 12 to 8 one day and I had rung my parents up early and had asked about them coming to see me and I wished I hadn't as I just received a load of excuses of why it couldnt happen and I had become ever so upset.

I had gone to the catering job and had chatted with a colleague and had talked over the upset who's parents had died years ago so obviously they couldn't have arranged anything with her but if they had been here they would have sorted something out with her and she said to me how it's when they can do things but won't is when it hurts.

Back in 2019 I was full of burning anger when I got an invite off them as it had felt like a smack in the face and an insult and had felt like it was given just to shut me up after I had made a complaint about things being unfair and getting offered that invite to me felt like a real smack in the face!

Normally I love being invited out to things even if I can't go as with those invites they are genuine not just given to shut me up and one of my friends had said it was what was behind the invite that had upset me rather than the invite in itself.

I never did take up the invite though after I got ordered to stay at my previous job and ok perhaps those jobs I went for weren't right for me but it was down to me to make my own choices!

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