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Please look after yourselves...Novavirus is rampant.

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My friend who works for the NHS thinks i might have the novavirus because i have sickness and diarrhoea and feeling very weak.,

Earlier i was in the garden and almost keeled over when trying to walk home,i was so shaky.

Locally the Novavirus is rampant,and last Sunday i was at the theatre and it was a packed house,and those places are known for spreading germs,so please take care of you,for this virus is spreading like wild fire.

And there was me thinking things cannot get any worse....

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It's always the way isn't it how these horrible things come in the same blow!

Here in Wales it's still masks in indoor places and I think it will be for a while yet.

Stay at home and rest and get well soon and have some time with the dogs.

yes my friend it comes in spades.I think its good that Wales is being more cautious,and we should be here to in England,and i personally have always worn a mask when out shopping.x

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Hi secrets22, I think that, sadly it might be the case that novovirus, flu etc., really will be more of a problem than usual this winter. Last year we suffered less of these sicknesses because they were suppressed by the prevalence of covid19 and our lockdowns. It's as well to remember this could be the case and yes, a trip to any public arena like a theatre probably will expose us to them, as well as covid19. I think it's worth remembering for carers too, so that if you've been out and about in daily life and return to look after someone vulnerable, they are at much greater risk too.So thanks so much for highlighting this and I hope that yours will pass quickly, as you have quite enough to put up with at the moment, without this! Take care and look after yourself! 🙏🌈

hello Sue.....i think you are correct in that we will see more of this this winter,and you look after yourself.x

Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery x

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So sorry to hear that secrets. It’s a horrible bug to get. Pete and I had it nearly 8 years ago when our eldest grandson was a toddler. Feel better soon, keep your fluids up and eat very bland food if you feel hungry.

Take care everyone. Xxxxx

Hope you soon feel better. 🌼

For you 💛


Also take care of you....

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