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Free for All on Friday

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Good morning everyone,

Here we are on Friday once more.

Welcoming any newcomers who’ve stopped by this week and please feel welcome here. You are among friends and we’d love you to join in.

It being Friday, please do post on any topic you wish, provided it’s within community guidelines. Care posts are especially welcome but this is our ‘social’ day and an opportunity to share your wider interests.

I just wanted to add another point to my scam warning of several days ago about watching out for anyone vulnerable in our care who retains a measure of independence. They may not use the internet, but of course there are those approaches at the door or on the telephone. It’s easy to get confused when you become vulnerable. In days gone by, my own mum was repeatedly warned always to be extra careful and to ask us for advice first, but still managed to fall victim to a doorstep caller who scammed her out of several hundred pounds. It's really anger making that anyone can and will take advantage of those in a vulnerable position. All we can do is be vigilant. And that of course applies to ourselves and text scams, now that even the NHS is urging us to get in touch by text much more often.

This week I’ve been doing a bit of an experiment together with my daughter. I’ve had a long interest in quantum physics (on a very basic level I hasten to add), and I was reading up on the Law of Attraction. This is not solid science by any means but has somehow become attached to quantum physics and it says that by focusing on a particular goal or aim, you will draw that goal towards you. In a simple experiment we were asked to imagine one of two objects. I chose the first, a rubber duck, and my daughter (unknown to me until afterwards), chose the drum. We were asked to visualise these and imagine holding them, giving them a colour and shape in our minds. Then all we had to do was to sit back and see how many times a drum or a rubber ducky would appear in our lives.

The drum had limited success but popped up a total of four times in the space of 48 hours. But the rubber ducky……. oh dear, I am so fed up of seeing them now! Even after 48 hours they keep popping up all over the place, in shops, on tv in adverts and dramas; the list goes on. I’m quite quackers with it all! I'm sure it's only that we had focused our minds on these objects so we noticed them more, and not some mysterious force of the universe at work! It was fun though and the sort of trivial thing we often do together. I believe some people get quite serious about it though! Who knows? I may be missing something!

I do hope that your week went well and that there’s something to look forward to in the weekend ahead.

Looking forward to reading your posts!

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Good morning Callendersgal, where do the weeks go? I’d also like to welcome newcomers and hope we can get to know you soon.

Good point about scams and those who are vulnerable but not on the internet. It’s so easy to get caught out. I very nearly deleted a request to ring a number to book an appointment. The company were working alongside the NHS so I’m glad I investigated further. The appointment is for an echocardiogram on 22/11 so I’m pleased I checked it out. Some texts etc. are genuine.

Our son and family are having fun in Halkidiki and arrive home on Monday. Plans are afoot on Monday for Pete’s 70th birthday with a small gathering to celebrate. Our daughter is baking the cake.

Your experiment with your daughter sounded like good fun. Definitely quackers but good fun.

Have a great weekend. We have friends here for a short while on Sunday which will be nice. We haven’t seen them for a long time now.

Stay safe and well everyone. Xxx👍💜😘🥰💛

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59. Sounds like a fun weekend coming up with seeing some friends and then afterwards return of your family who you'll be so glad to see again, and I'm sure they'll have lots to share with you. And then Pete's 70th! I hope you have a lovely celebration and that you'll share it with us afterwards. Yes I must admit I do love the ease of being able to use apps to contact medics, make appointments etc., but I guess it is a case of training ourselves to stop and check before acting hastily. I always think it's those texts that say they need urgent or emergency action that tend to make me forget common sense for a moment or two. xx 🐤🐤🐤🙄🤣👍🔆🌈💖

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

I’ll let you know next Friday. 🤞🏼💛😂

Thing is if its a genuine emergency they wouldn't send out texts and e mails they would try to get you on the phone!

I have had some scam e mails claiming I have won things but I have deleted them and ignored them.

Saturday, September 11, my wife started with 500mg thiamine hcl (1/4 tsp). Increasing by 500mg every three days X3.

Update, Sept. 17, Friday

Reaction - no allergy

Symptoms- no change

Proceed to Monday where at that time the dose will be 2,000mg a day. This will be our first therapeutic level.

Update, Sept. 20, Monday

Reaction- none

Symptoms- no change

Update, Sept. 23, Thursday

Symptom- one w/ noticeable improvement.

Dose: 4g daily

Update, October 7, Thursday

Fibromyalgia - entire body pain has greatly decreased. The joints remain painful.

Dose: 4g daily.


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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to RoyProp

Hi RoyProp, I have to admit to having been a little puzzled by your post as I had no context for it. On checking I see that you usually post in the Cure Parkinson's Community and I wonder if that is where you meant to make your post? Of course you are very welcome to remain here too if you would like to, as you are clearly caring for your wife, but the Cure Parkinson's can offer more specific support and advice. Happy to have made your acquaintance, whatever you decide. Best wishes to you both.

I responded to your email. Remove my address. Please.

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RoyProp in reply to RoyProp

Free for All on FridayGood morning everyone, Here we are on Friday once more. Welcoming any newcomers who’ve stopped by this week and please feel welcome here. You are among friends and we’d love you to join in. It being Friday, please do post on any topic you...

Callendersgal in

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to RoyProp

Hi RoyProp, you'd need to leave the Care Community yourself as I'm not able to remove others' details, but it's an easy process. If you look at the top of the Care Community page (the one with the blue and white flowery banner), you'll see a tick enclosed in a box, next to the 'write' button. If you click on that tick, you'll be given the option to leave the community. Let me know if you have any difficulty with this. All the best!

Just as when you find the world is full of people called .Esmerelda Heptonstall after you have been introduced to your son's new girlfriend of that name

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sassy59Ambassador in reply to FredaE

What an amazing name Freda! Xxx💛🥰

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Lol, who on earth would have thought it FredaE!

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FredaE in reply to Callendersgal

made it up i am afraid

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to FredaE

Oh that's hilarious FredaE. You really got me there!

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FredaE in reply to Callendersgal

somone has got me too as an esmeralda giggleswick has suddenly turned up on another facebookpage come on, own up, who did it?

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to FredaE

Haha that's funny FredaE!

Looking forward to a trip out tomorrow to Neath Abbey near Swansea along with my friends who have a ginger tabby called Marmaduke who is a cat food cat only unlike Baby and her mate Percy who are spoilt and get fish for weekly treats!

We did originally make tentative plans to go there last week but put it off as it was pouring with rain and the abbey was shut last Saturday anyway so it was best to put it off for another time.

Had my interview on video on Monday and then got told last thing on the Tuesday evening that I hadn't been successful as they had offered the job to someone who had been placed in it from their bank staff and I had felt extremely put out and resentful over this because the job had probably unofficially gone before anyone went to interview but not to worry as this is a lesson not to go to that employer again and hubby had reckoned that the job had unofficially gone as well before anyone else went to interview to those bank staff who were doing it for them on the cheap!

The job was only temporary anyway so now I have talked about things and calmed down I feel that not having it was a blessing in disguise as if it was tucked away for those staff then its not a place I want to work for anyway!

I enjoyed my interview on Wednesday at the medical records department at the heath hospital and was shown round their scanning department and their records library which was interesting and they said they will be in contact on Monday coming.

What it was that upset me about Mondays interview wasn't not getting the job in itself no it was being unfair over it that did!

Yesterday I was annoyed by the attitude of the recruitment staff at the Spire Hospital over a catering assistant job again temporary for 6 months and they had called me Wednesday afternoon for a screening call which I did and was put off then by their attitude but had decided to think things over and then they rang me yesterday morning to say I was getting interviewed over zoom next Thursday at 2pm was that OK with me and I had said no its not OK with me as I am no longer interested in the vacancy and they wanted to know why what had changed and I had repeated how I was no longer interested now is that a good enough reason and had put the phone down!

Thing is you can withdraw an application for any reason you want to and don't have to explain anything!

Today its a quiet day in with a walk out at some point.

Next Monday its an interview at the heath hospital for a radiology porters job and hubby and I have been reading up on what the porters job is as it involves moving patients on trolleys and wheelchairs to their allocated clinic, moving furniture around, taking samples to the labs for testing, returning patients after they have had their clinic appointment to the waiting room, taking patients up to the wards from a and e and it looks like an interesting job as no two days are the same and my sister in law is coming with me as we are off out for lunch after the interview which is something to look forward to.

Wednesday is some video interviews which I have become a champion at doing nowadays!

Last Monday after my video interview we had gone for a walk in the park and there was a bichon frise on its walk that had just had its fur done and my sister in law said how bichon frises are spoilt dogs to be getting their hair done as one growled at Baby in the Brecon beacons when Baby was a proper kitten when she was on her lead!

She had reckoned that the job on Monday was a con as well and said how she thinks the informal visits and the bank staff things are cons as well and how the real reason I wasn't selected was to do with my face not fitting there rather than me not being good enough per se and how those already doing the job on the bank are cheaper to employ than those who apply directly through a form but says its unfair though to those who have booked the time to go to interview and the job has unofficially gone.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Catgirl1976

Lovely Catgirl1976, hope you all enjoy your outing to Neath. Hopefully you'll have better luck with the weather this time! I've only known one Bichon Frise and he wasn't typical of his breed. He was built like a torpedo and because he was living in the tropics he was regularly shaven off. He was a really intelligent little chap, but I must say one of his passions was chasing cats. Mine were well used to him though and used to let him chase them. And when he caught up with them, he'd just lose interest and leave them be. And they knew that. Yes, it's irritating when you suspect a job's gone internally. It seems such a waste of time to do all that prep and dressing up and the interview when it's just been for show. But I suppose it would also be unfair not to interview external candidates. Wishing you better luck for the hospital porter's job as you're right, that sounds most interesting. You've done all of your homework on it anyway. Fingers crossed!

Hi Callendersgal,

Thank you for your post. I found it hilarious 😂 and it gave me a much needed chuckle after listening to the news and all the doom and gloom that entails. I will give it a go with my daughter and see how we get on!

My week has been busy. I visited my mum who is 83 and in poor health but still able able to get pleasure out of life. She lives right next door to my sister in a level access annexe so that helps a lot. I stayed for a few days and helped all I could with the garden and general chores. It was lovely to see mum, my sister and her family. It made me realise just how much caring for someone entails when the person is almost totally dependent on you. Carers are the unsung heroes of this world! My sister and myself are taking mum away in a few weeks for a break. We have found a ground floor apartment set in a holiday park in a forest, which will be a change of scene for her and a chance for my sister and myself to have a catch up. 😀

I hope that everyone on the site who drive have managed to get petrol and are coping OK.

Sending love and hugs.

Helen xx

I decided on a break from the news as all it was doing was upset me.

If anything important happens someone will tell me!

That sounds nice you all going on a family break together!

We are looking forward to a day in Neath tomorrow meeting up with our friends there and going to the abbey!

I hope you have great time👍xxx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Hellebelle

Hi Helen, I'm happy that you found my post amusing. The picture seems to sum up how these little yellow perils have crowded my life since doing this experiment! Do have a go with your daughter, and let us know how it goes for you! Your mum's very lucky to have family like you to care for her so well and to take the time to find a lovely place for her to go on holiday. I hope you have a wonderful break when the time comes.

Life does seem a bit gloomy at the moment doesn't it? Every which way we turn there's another depressing story and I'm always eager to find something light hearted to cheer me up. Love and hugs to all of you too. xx

Hello. Been looking at the different GCSE math resit options online. I wish to redo my maths GCSE completely as I failed the last time.

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Hellebelle in reply to thara9643

Good luck to you. I really hope it goes well. 👍

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to thara9643

Maths often seems to be the tricky one for lots of people, myself included, but really worth resitting. So wishing you lots of luck next time around Thars9643.



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