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Hi everyone,

As most of you already know, I administer and moderate the Care Community, but I just had a mishap (not for the first time, unfortunately!)

Whenever I am daft enough to use HealthUnlocked on my phone, I manage to somehow hit the 'unfollow' button, and unhappily I've done that again, several days ago!

So until my Administrator's powers are restored to me by HU Admin, I'm temporarily unable to remove posts which break the rules, among other things. I'd just like you, if you can please, to be extra vigilant and if you do see anything untoward here, report it immediately to HU Admin, using the Report button at the end of the post concerned.

I am still very much your Administrator, and hopefully normal services will be resumed as soon as possible!

Thanks all!

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Ok Thanks for letting me know

Easily done Sue.x

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Bless you Sue, hope everything is soon resolved. Xx

Thankfully just a mishap that causes a little inconvenience. When you wrote that you had had a mishap, Callendersgal, I was thinking more along the lines of twisted ankles or broken elbows!

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Fortunately not BrentW, and in view of Jennymary's awful news (see posts), it does sound a little over the top to call it a mishap at all. It's just that this is a mistake I keep making and I just wonder when I'll ever learn not to use the app on my phone at all! My banana fingers are not the best suited for things like text, at the best of times! 🙄

Tell me about it. My uncle used to call them sausage fingers 😂

i cant use the phone either so you are not alone. love and respect and support and thanks for all you do

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So glad to hear I'm not alone! Thanks too for your lovely comments! x

Hi Sue, it is easily done Sue I have deleted things on my phone because I haven't had my glasses on . X

Thank you, Sue for letting us know. I thought it was a glitch. Hopefully, things will be fixed before the weekend. 😀👍

Leah, get back to sorting the next brainteaser, you have strayed into the wrong bit! We have to keep an eye on you Administrators 😉. Martin.

🤔 we have free reign to post what we like 🙀. Does anyone feel the power ❓

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Bifield34

Lol that’s naughty and bordering on insurrection Martin! We’re going to have to lock you up! 😂

With free board and lodgings? Good job you can take a joke. 😀

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