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Quotation for Sunday 24th May 2020


Hi everyone,

For my topic today I've chosen getting along. We choose whether to let people in, or to keep them out, often after the silliest of misunderstandings or arguments.

Here's a quotation I just found, that seems to cover what our choice is, on a very personal level right up to international relations.

"In life many people throw stones in your path. What will you do with them? Build a wall, or build a bridge? Remember you are the architect of your own life. What will you choose to do? " -Unknown-

I think sometimes we hastily construct a very sturdy wall. In time we come to regret that as the wall can be too solid to break through. Better to build a bridge. No-one has to cross it today, but maybe we'll be glad it was there, a little later on.

Hope everyone has a very pleasant day.

(Photo: Joao Cordeiro, Unsplash.com)

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The photo is wonderful Callendersgal as is today’s quotation. I think I would build a bridge too. My daughter has sometimes advised me to do just that.

Enjoy a peaceful Sunday. Xxxxx🌈😘🌞

CallendersgalModerator in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59. I think we all need reminding, from time to time. It's so easy to take umbrage and then really small things snowball into something much bigger and more destructive. It's not always conflict either. My son is really bad at staying in touch, and I sometimes think that it's too much bother to keep trying to keep a pathway open, but actually if there's that bridge there in place, there's always the hope that things might change! I hope you've had a really enjoyable Sunday. The weather's been perfect! xxx☀️😊

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Callendersgal

You’re right. I’m generally the one who keeps the lines of communication open with my son and sister but that’s how it is.

We’ve had a lovely day with lots of sunshine. Xxxx🌞😘

If you drive round the country you will often see cottages built along little scraps of land at the side of the road. very long and so thin the house could only just fit in. My grandad had one like it in Wiltshire. Many of them are squatters cottages built by taking part of the roadside. If you could build it , get the roof on and smoke coming out of your chimney in 24 hours you were entitled to stay there. I thought of this when I read today's quote. Don't build a wall.build a bridge or a house to shelter your family

CallendersgalModerator in reply to FredaE

That's fascinating FredaE You really do learn something new every single day! Yes, of prime importance is providing a shelter for ourselves and our loved ones. Accomplishing that is one of life's essentials. 😊🙏

sassy59Ambassador in reply to FredaE

How amazing Freda. I’ve learnt something today. Xxxx

FredaE in reply to sassy59

I collect useless information and can't resist sharing it..

sassy59Ambassador in reply to FredaE

I have a husband who does that too. Xx😃

God bless you. May Jehovah help you to do what he has blessed, so you will be able to do more of his will and you will be able to accomplish your mission on earth.

What you wrote actually speaks to me. I got misunderstood recently, and I resulted to stop trying to explain my hurts, and limit my fellowship with my family. It seems God is speaking to me through you. Thanks so much ma.

CallendersgalModerator in reply to Ajelola

You are very welcome Ajelola. 🙏

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