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Calling all opera lovers

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Hi everyone,

Not directly Care related but this is just a quick shout out to anyone who is having to stay home and who likes opera. It's nearly one am and I've just finished watching New York's Met Opera performing La Boheme for FREE on my computer.

In light of the coronavirus disruption to theatre-going, it's been decided that they will live-stream previously performed operas every night, starting at 7.30pm USA Eastern Standard Time, (that's 11.30pm our GMT time), and the content will be available for 20 hours afterwards, directly from its website.

Such a wonderful gesture and a great opportunity to see some world-famous opera.

It's one of many such things that are beginning to happen which demonstrate a pulling together of people at this tough time. I wouldn't mind betting that there will be other different musical offerings out there for those who aren't opera fans, so well worth looking out for.

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Thank you for that. I am trying to put together things like this to pass on to my U3A groups who are all isolated. I understand that there is a website to give you a 'virtual tour' of museums and I am trying to find the address for that. There must be many other things of this nature - all we have to do is find them.

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Hi exhaustedwife, that sounds amazing. So please let us know if you find the address. Maybe we can pool our resources here on the forum as we find new ‘freebies’.

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It is a massively long address but if you look on '' then

'13-museums-you-can-visit-online-during-your-quarantine' you should be able to find it. Yes, lets all try to share these things - 4 months indoors is going to seem very long.

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Thanks so much exhaustedwife. I'm off to see which to visit first! x

Thank you. I will definitely take a look. I would be interested in virtual museum tours too.

Stay safe and take care.

Karen x

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That is a great idea Callendersgal and a wonderful gesture. I do love to hear the pulling together stories and kindness being shown to others. It restores my faith in humanity.

Sainsbury’s are now offering their first hour of trading only to people in vulnerable groups and those over 70. Also extra delivery slots plus click and collect. Others are doing similar things too I believe.

Please stay safe and well everyone. Xxxx

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I hadn’t heard about Sainsbury’s, so thanks very much for sharing x

I have quite a few others. They are on my I-pad and I don't know how to download them to you. Could you let me have your e-mail address and I'll forward them to you.

Thanks for that and info. I’m not in to opera, but perhaps other genres are doing the same. Have a safe day

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Oshgosh

Hi Oshgosh, I'm pretty sure there will be lots of choice coming, and hopefully a genre that you'll enjoy too.

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