I am 66 years old and gave up work in 2007 after very strong advice from my doctor to look after my wife. After exhausting my bank account I reluctantly took help from dwp. It was a huge come down and I am now paying the price. I am being hounded constantly by different departments to get my wife back to work, she is on morphine twice daily and visits hospitals once/twice weekly. She cannot get out of the house due to mobility problems and is now suffering from depression due to the stress that the dwp is putting on her. Perhaps soon we will be in a safe place and will be out of reach.


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  • Find the phone number for your MP and ring him/her. It is no good just complaining to the departments, you need to go to the top. Hopefully you have a good MP who can help you. Have you talked to Care for the Carers, they can help with advice and are very caring. They should be able to help you feel more positive. The DWP just has to meet its targets, it doesn't understand that people are not machines and they have different needs. Very good wishes to you both.

  • Thinking about you both. I think the advice given by Howard just about says it all. A simple measure is to always have your answering machine on. Does your phone have a caller display app on it? When you feel down, do come and unload with us. Most of us have had trying times and maybe can lend an ear.. XX

  • Do they really expect your wife to work unbelievable, if your Dr advised you to give up work to look after your wife maybe he can help you with this , wishing you good luck.

  • Disgusting, what else can I say! Agree with exhausted wife, find the phone number of your MP and also email him/her. This is not good enough! Thinking of you

  • Thanks, it is annoying after all the tax I have paid in to find our self in this situation. As my father used to say we were born the wrong colour.

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