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Can you recommended live in care for my mum once a month to give my sister a break?



My first post. Hello all! My sister looks after my mum who needs 24 care. Not difficult but you are tied to the house most of the time. It is exhausting my sister who has done it done it for over 3 years. I want to find a good live in service to give me sister a weekly break every month or so. Can anyone recommend one? There are so many but a recommendation or two always makes a difference.

Georgie x

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Maybe give careers assosition they might have a list of trouble free trusted careers, other wise it might be not quite what you are looking for.


Hi GeorgieLee,

A very warm welcome to our Care Community and although this is your first post, hopefully you'll find us helpful and come back whenever you like, for any questions or comments you may have.

But on this occasion, I'm not sure we can help all that much, as we are largely a self-help group and can't really give personal recommendations for agencies who supply carers.

I think that choosing a carer is quite a challenging thing to achieve, as whoever is chosen has to be able to get on with your mum and you and your family too, as well as be 100% trustworthy and most important of all, a very good carer.

So when choosing, it's good not to rush, and probably best to first think about and then write down all of the important pointers for the qualities needed in the person you employ. Personal comparisons are probably best anyway, so be forensic in your search and question, question, question all agencies you contact, and certainly go for one which will allow you to interview a candidate, rather than have their choice of candidate move in among you. That's so importantanyway, but especially when required to live-in.

And even when that person is chosen, tread with caution. Make sure you are happy and most of all that your mum and sister are happy, and build up confidence from there.

I'm not sure whether that 'Mary Poppins' paragon of virtue is achievable, but I think that the more time you are willing to devote to the search, the more likely you are to find a similar character.

Very best wishes with your search and to you all, and do come back and let us know how you get on.

Hello I believe you are wanting a care home your local authority will have a list then make sur you read care quality commissions report

Good luck

Hi GeorgieLee,

Welcome to our very supportive and friendly community. Callendarsgal, has given you some fantastic advice, that I really can't better. She is correct in that we are not able to give you personal recommendations for care services, that is not our remit. We are a peer support group. I agree too, that the decision-making process around accessing care for your loved one is something that needs a lot of thought. Your mum and your sister will need to have their needs assessed by the local authority. They can provide you with a list of recommended care agencies in their area. Also, your mum needs to be involved in the process if she has mental capacity, especially if a stranger is going to be coming into her home. It may also be worth considering not only a carer coming to the home and giving your sister a break, but also, maybe your mum going to a care home on a temporary basis for respite care. They all need to be involved in the decision-making process. So your first port of call would be Social Services and asking for GP support.

You will need to consider funding for care, so think about the disability benefits and Carer's Allowance: tps://

Also consider contacting Age UK has some really good advice:

Carers UK

So there is a lot to think about! But do keep in touch and let us know how things are going.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

My husband goes into respite care every other weekend as lm exhausted and also got health issues, l had to find the place myself, it's got a good cqc rating,and he's looked after, he doesn't like it , but needs must, if l don't get a break ll'l be ill and he'll have to go in full time, as my husband had a brain stem stroke, he's totally paralised and cannot walk, so caring for him is very difficult, but everybody needs a break,

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