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Does mum need to go into hospital

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Mum's care home have just rung my sister to say the Doctor has visited and her haemagloblin levels are low and she should go into hospital for a blood transfusion. She's 87, dementia, diabetes angina to name a few health issues, so as a family should we let her go into hospital for a blood transfusion or not. My sister is going to try and ring Doctor to get his advice

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What a very difficult decision to make Jennymary and I feel a doctor should be advising you. Your mum will be very confused and hospitals aren’t really equipped for dementia sufferers. See what your sister can get out of the doctor.

Thinking of you. Xxx

If she's at the stage of needing a transfusion then yes she should go in for it, she is probably feeling pretty rough so the transfusion will make a big difference.

Follow the care home's suggestion. They want what is best for your mother, and may also be trying to communicate that they are not staffed or equipped well enough to handle her current needs.

Hi Jennymary,

Yes, she does if her doctor is advising this. The nursing home will not be equipped to put up intravenous infusions or have access to blood.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse and Moderator

I wonder if underlying your concern is the question "should we just let things take their course? Here your doctor can advise if you make your feelings clear. How bad its the dementia and do you have power of atorney? If the dementia is mild the poor blood levels may be making it worse and perhaps the transfusion might make her feel much better. A care home is just that - they are not nursing homes which give more medical care or hospitals which do the technical stuf. If the dementia is bad moving her from one place to another could be very confusing. Talk frankly to your doctor would be my advice.


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