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I wonder if anyone can give me any advice on which slider sheet to get. I have been looking on a site called Complete Care but there is so many. I`m also looking at youtube videos to learn how to use them. Mum is so heavy that she cannot manoeuvre herself properly in bed to get comfortable. She sleeps in a king size bed. Many thanks in advance. PS I would like a good quality one.

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Hi Uzula, don't know any details but have seen them used and they did make life easier for the carers.

They look like nylon, similar to light tent material. You would probably need a large one to accommodate your mum and a queen bed.

I watched the nurse tuck the short edge under my husband, then roll him on his side towards another nurse and over the sheet edge. He was then on the sheet. She then pulled the sheet towards her and he easily slid towards her across the bed. There is certainly a skill to learn!

Similarly, can be used to move up or down the bed to release a wet undersheet and replace draw sheet while to one side of where it goes.

If you have weight and distance to cover as you will have, you will need additional help to use it. You may also find it easier if you can obtain a suitable hospital bed.

You need at least 2 people as 1 pulls and the other supports the patient.

My husband took a little while to accept the movements needed. He seemed to find turning and sliding scary, and was often held at the very edge of the bed to implement the change. I think it may have been the fact that he was not able to control what was happening to him, and had to learn to trust those nursing him.

Hope this helps. The sheets should be readily available. You will probably need to get one suited to the weight it will bear when pulled.


Jen xxx

Confirmed they are made of Parker nylon. I remember it as Parka nylon - which was used first to make showerproof parka jackets. Should be readily available. Ask your Physio nurse or whoever provides your nursing aids.

Jen xxx

Uzula in reply to honjen43

Morning honjen43, thank you for taking the time to reply. It certainly would be easier with a smaller bed and the info you gave me was very helpful. Best wishes.X

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