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No longer able to bear own weight

My 95 year old mil took a fall three days ago and bruised her hand and knees. Doctor checked her over and said to give her paracetamol. Since then she is unable to bear weight on her legs nor lift herself out of bed or out of chair. She has been doing so since being admitted 7 years ago in a Very Sheltered housing complex. Careers say we need to contact OT to arrange a lifting apparatus. Meantime she will be kept in bed where careers are able to attend to her needs. They are not allowed to lift her out of bed. The family lifted her into bed last evening.

Where should I go for advice?

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I think you should contact your local social services who should be able to help you. All the best x


Have just done so. Thanks for your advice.


I think I would get back in touch with the doctor to see if further investigation is needed. An x-ray would confirm whether there is any hidden damage.

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Thank you for that.


Wasn't your MIL given an X Ray when she fell if not get back to the Doctor, to make sure there is nothing broken, my Mum was walking about for nearly a week after falling before it was found she'd actually broken her hip, I can't imagine the pain she'd gone through .

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I'm pleased to see you have contacted social services but please stress to them the urgency of your situation.

The GP should be called out again and further investigation into why she is unable to weight bear. It maybe she is in pain and something damaged, or she has completely lost her confidence since having a fall.

The carers are not allowed to physically lift anyone and although it seems straightforward for family, please be careful for your own well-being as well as MIL

An OT will be able to advise on the situation but it is certainly in her best interest to be getting up and out of bed if she can

I hope you get the situation resolved soon and she recovers but it may take a few calls to get the results. The care agency should also be able to make calls to get things moving to, if you ask the management

Good luck


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