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worried about my left arm

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hi I am worried my left arm has been hurting for over a month now I been to c my doctor they gave me some tablets to take I finish the nearly 2 weeks ago and they didn't work my arm feels like its burse but there no burse all the time I strungle to picking up thing up I cant get to c my doctor again till the 16 april I have a mini stroke over 2 years ago should I wait to c doctor or go to a an e

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No beverley71, you shouldn't go to A&E. There is a process to get an urgent appointment with your GP and if you are in pain/worried, you should aim to get back to your surgery before your current appointment date on 16th April, comes around.

What that process is, depends on your own GP surgery's procedures, as it varies from surgery to surgery. If you don't know what it is, then you should call and ask, but there will be one in place because there has to be.

As this started a while ago it's probably nothing stroke related whatever, but of course you can't be diagnosed by any of us untrained mortals who don't know you and can't see you. But on the basis of what you are describing, I wouldn't be inclined to be panicking enough to stretch resources any further than they are already stretched at an A&E department.

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Is it the top of your arm,if it is I had the same problem. I was sent for Physio

but it did not help, was then referred to a consultant who explained it is the joint where your arm meets the shoulder. He gave me a cortisone injection

and another one after 6months. It is now 4years and it has been fine since.

I found putting on a jumper or combing my hair, that’s when it hurt most.

Hope this helps.

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hi jamber it not the top of my arm its just between my elbow and my hand and I get my back hurts aswell

Think you definately need to go back to the doctors, there are several things it could be one being a simple weakening of a muscle that needs strenghtening exercise. But understand your concerns due to past history, seek advice as soon as possible either with practice nurse or GP if only to put your mind at rest.

Hi beverley 71 and welcome to this caring forum. Other members have posted some very helpful advice. This problem could be due to many things. Please contact your GP surgery and ask if you could be seen as soon as possible. As it is Bank Holiday and your GP surgery will be closed, if you remain concerned, you may wish to contact NHS 111 [non-medical emergency] who will be able to advise you. Do let us know how you get on. Take care and best wishes.

Hi beverley. You've had some sensible advice to go to your GP on an urgent appointment, no one can be expected to put up with constant pain. I will just add to that....my elderly mother gets a lot of pain intermittently in her left arm. My daughter, who is a physio, said it's referred pain from her spine, which is quite bent these days, with some arthritis. Then she broke her left wrist and the pain became more frequent and more painful. She is now on co-codamol four times a day, with ibuprofen cream three times. The GP says don't stop the meds when the pain stops because it will return. Since on this regime, fingers crossed the pain recurs less frequently. Just a shared thought....

Ouch,i hear you,i have terrible pains in 2 fingers and thumb,and my GP referred me for a scan and immediately physio,i thought it maybe is carpel tunnel,but its not and have now to see a specialist and a surgeon and looks like I will need an operation on my arm.i to keep dropping things as I am left handed,and I dont find it easy in my job as a carer either,but I have bought some magnetic gloves which are some relief.

You must see your GP immediately before it all becomes worse.

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