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I answered a questionaire about what i thought of my local GP phone appointments.

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I answered every question honestly.

But how can doctors diagnose an illness over the phone without seeing the patients pain etched in their face...unless of course they are clairvoyant,?

We used to have a family doctor and if he was passing by he would pop in to see how we were doing,but now we dont see the same doctor twice...or at all.

It's frightening to think with modern medicine and all the technique available to them they can't really help you. In the old days, you know, you were better off, because nowadays, they are all specialists. Everyone's becoming better and better at less and less. Eventually someone's going to be superb, at nothing .

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I totally agree secrets. A nurse asked me on Friday who my GP was. I replied I had no idea because I couldn’t remember when I last saw a GP. Dreadful. Xxxx

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secrets22 in reply to sassy59

Sassy ,yes its a disgrace.xx

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Candidly, secrets22 I won't fill out those patient satisfaction survey forms because I feel that they are part of the problem and not the answer. They are geared to channel your answers (even the worst of them) in a more positive light. That's to say, 'loaded' questions. Ask the right questions, get the right answers, carry on with what we're doing as we must be doing it right!

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When I ended up in A&E a few months ago sassy59 I was asked the same question. I replied Dr. Telephone and the nurse had a good old giggle!

I've been signed off sick due to my shoulder problems until Sept 18, by a GP I've never seen at a health centre I've never visited, next week shoulder issues should be OK ish for work but not the mobility problems, sick note says no more will be issued

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Jennymary

It's absurd isn't it Jennymary!

Now that's ridiculous!

Hi,Some things were done better in the good old days. Healthcare was more personal and I am also old enough to remember the family doctor whom knew all about us and seemed to take interest in us. It now takes me half an hour just to make a phone appointment which is scheduled weeks in advance unless my leg is half hanging off and then they might be able to squeeze me in as an emergency!

I don't blame the health care professionals though who are trying to do their best under difficult circumstances. The health service and social care have been starved of funding for so many years that its little wonder it is creaking at the seams.

The doctors and nurses themselves are nice it's the system itself that's unfit for purpose in this day and age!

The phone appointments are great for basic things like repeat prescriptions but not for those who really arent well.

Hope you are feeling better and that the dogs are well.

Yesterday I had an upset at I was accused of being bitter after I said how I was full of anger and resentment over being treated badly by family and being accused of being bitter had really upset me and in bad temper I had nearly told the person that I hoped that they would burn and rot in h*ll as I was so upset but thankfully never did though as my sister in law talked me out of it and said with that nasty attitude they probably are in h*ll already and how where there's no sense there's no feeling either and how it was stupid to have accused me of being bitter which I think was just to shut me up.

OK perhaps I was bitter with the way had said things but in no way does it mean I'm bitter all the time though.

What's bitter anyway?

I think bitter is when you hold a grudge for years over silly and petty matters say like someone didn't give you your own way as a child and give you a toy you wanted and you harbour that until the day you die.

With my situation it's righteous anger at parents are supposed to support their children not try to harm them and destroy them rather than bitter.

It is getting ridiculous.The only system I can't fault is the Ambulatory nurses who always turn up for my husband. Only at night though???

I have a list of things that need seeing to.

GP is having to ration blood test containers. Also chemist is having problems tracking down some of our medication.

Can only hope for better things x

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Catgirl1976 in reply to Lynd

I had to wait last week for my medication as there had been a delay in the delivery but thankfully it wasn't an emergency as I had plenty left as I order well in advance just in case there's problems and this confirms thats the right decision.

Covid is a lesson in never taking anything for granted again!

since my stroke I have had trouble from one of my many new medications.To sort it out face to face would have meant many trips to the surgery..this one was easier by phone

I agree with you. I felt i was getting the shortened version of the physical. No blood pressure and likevsomebsaid they can't see you to make any assessments. Probably the weirdest physical I've ever had. Same questions just no visual from doctor. Actually a year later I found out I had a double hernia situation. And the year before i had told her i had pain down there but it was a telephone visit. Still recovering from the surgery yet.😕

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