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My wife (we are in our eighties) has M.D. and glaucoma. She has recently been asking if friends are alive when we have

to their funerals? She has forgotten the name of our road, although we have lived here for years, and asked me if I have

fed the three cats, when we only have one! She had a memory test a while ago, and passed, so I don’t really know what to

do? Are others in a similar position?

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Make a doctors appointment and discuss this. She needs another memory assessment.


Hi ainsliewood50, welcome to this community. I agree with 'exhaustedwife', that I really think you need to go back to your GP and discuss this with them, as I think she needs to be reassessed. Do keep us posted.

Best wishes

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Was the test administered by a neurologist who specializes in dementia? My husband's diagnosis was done by one of those specialists, and it was confirmed that my husband had early symptoms of Alzheimer's. The internet is a good source of support for caregivers involved in many diseases.


Hi ainsleewood50,

There's nothing I can add to the very sensible advice you've been given already. This is just by way of support and to add my voice to those who say, 'yes, get another memory test arranged', as things are always subject to change, especially with medical conditions. Very best wishes.



Thanks for the support , and splendid advice.

I will see what I can do without embarrassing my

lovely wife.


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