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Thank you Revitalise


I know that it is not a Friday so I should not be posting a Feel Good Friday, but on Friday I did not have my computer with me so did not access the site. My husband and I were staying at Revitalise in Southampton on the Alzheimers week and on the Thursday we went on a trip bowling and my husband won, which absolutely thrilled him, and in the afternoon, whilst he was being looked after by carers and volunteers I had a beautiful hand massage and then a neck and shoulder one and felt very pampered and relaxed, followed by a meal which I did not have to cook, lovely company with couples in the same circumstances as us and then a super singer early evening. Magic. Thank you to all at Waterside House.

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Good evening AliBee 1. Well done and so very pleased you had an awesome time.

It doesn't matter at all that it's not Friday, any day will do, when you have had such an amazing time away. We are just so pleased that you posted and shared it with us. Good or bad we love hearing from any of the members. Thank you so much for this. Did you take any photos so that you can give your husband a memory book to look back on?

Best wishes to you both.

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That sounds like a perfect day out to me, for both you and your husband. People often forget that even when ill or a carer, you still need social contact now and then. So that was a real feel good friday for you I am sure. :) :)

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