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Feel Good Friday!

Happy New Year to everyone here!

We hope that you had a good time relaxing and celebrating with your family and friends, and I expect you are glad the festivities are nearly over, and for some of you, that the children have already, or are about to return to school!

Tomorrow (January 6th) marks the day in the Western and Eastern Church calendar is the Feast of the Three Kings or three Magi, who presented their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child. It is also traditionally the day when we encouraged to take down our Christmas decorations or it is bad luck to leave them up!

But at the start of this New Year, it is good a time to take stock, to review any New Year resolutions and to plan ahead, and think positively about what this year may hold for you and your loved ones. Of course we never know what’s around the corner and cannot plan for the unexpected, but the things we can do something about is worth thinking about. As a carer, maybe find ways to care for yourself more, find like-minded people or support groups you can go to, or take up a new hobby. It may be that you can reach out for more specific support for your loved ones from local support groups such as Age UK ageuk.org.uk/services/in-yo... or Crossroads carers.org/

Don’t forget we are always here, with a listening ear, and hopefully, can signpost you to further help.

Don’t forget to keep posting, you are important!

Take care and very Best wishes to you all.

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For me this year has started as the last one ended, my blood pressure has gone up so expecting a call from GP Monday with a view to changing meds, finally sent off paperwork for my disabled persons bus pass and reduced price TV licence, and yesterday sold my car and it was taken away today, also my cooker packed up (I can still use the grill/top oven), and I've lost the picture on my TV, oh well I'm off to the low vision clinic Monday, which, when I saw the consultant just before Christmas was going to be a 6 week wait, but somehow they've had a cancellation for Monday, just hoping after a start like this things won't get any worse


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