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Good morning Folks!

Feel Good Friday is here again! I can hear you say TGIF (Thank God it's Friday).

This is a chance to tell about your week, your highs and lows, it's all okay to share here with us. Have you had a breakthrough, some good news, done something to pamper yourself, had a celebration, found some useful tips on here even, that's made your week better and easier? If things haven't gone to plan, and you've had a difficult week we want to support you and help you to turn your frown :-( into a smile:-)

To kick-off I've had a difficult week because my nearly 12 year old Sheltie has been very poorly needing emergency vet treatment for 2 days. He's our baby and we love him to bits. He has complex health problems, and we are conscious that his days a numbered, which we don't want to think about. But we've made it through this crisis which is good :-)

So over to you keep the thread flowing tell us how you are doing?

Hope you have a good weekend...aargh Black Friday shopping!!!

Today is also, Carers Rights Day UK 2017 check out the link below for more information


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Hope your Sheltie is on the mend, again I've had another tough week, last Friday my CVI arrived stating that I'm now severely sight impaired (blind,) I thought I was going to be registered partially sighted, monday-tuesday I wore a blood pressure monitor, which has proved I've got high BP, picked meds up earlier today, will start them Monday as I work weekends, I've got a second opinion at the hospital in a couple of weeks regarding whether or not to have the second cataract done, having the first one done has led to all my problems, do I chance it and hope, or quit while I'm ahead as I've always known I could lose my vision at some time in my life

Hopefully, one Friday, I'll post that I've had a really good week, hope everyone enjoys their weekend


Hi Jennymary, sorry to hear that you have had a tough week. I hope the coming week will be better for you. You may find that having a second opinion will help you with your decision regarding having surgery to your second cataract. It may help you to write a list of questions that you would like to ask the consultant and perhaps take someone with you to the appointment for support. Many people have high blood pressure that is successfully treated with medication [please take your medication to the appointment]. Please continue to post on the forum where you will receive support from other members. Let us know how your appointment goes. I hope you have a good weekend. Best wishes.


Up and down as usual. mum's decided she no longer wants me along at dr and hospital appointments. Today she was to get an injection in her back for pain control. She doesn't really know what she went for or the dose. But enjoyed the bus trip. it's nice to get out for even a simple cup of tea with her but its so draining spending half the afternoon explaining things over and again.

I finally discovered its easier to do things in the home while she's out. Hung some curtains. tested the alarms with the care company, cleaned filters, checked torches and batteries. The mundane and routine. I did about 3 weeks worth in 1 session this week.

Yikes. Black Friday. It was advertised on Tuesday for heaven's sake. I still cant afford anything so its much the same day as any other.


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