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DLA re-assessed when over 65????

Recently the decision was made for mum to go into a care home due to her complex needs. My brother, sister and myself knew that was the right decision for mum and, hopefully, we wouldn't have too much running around to do for her, just visit and enjoy her company.....how wrong we were.

We do visit and enjoy seeing mum, but the latest problem that's arisen is that mum has been receiving DLA, middle rates for care, lower rate mobility, now the local authority have said this needs to be re-assessed and my sister has been told that once a person reaches the age of 65 mobility isn't re-assessed and care may be re-assessed if mum needs care through the night (she does) so just wondering if this is correct, and advice in this will be gratefully received, many thanks x

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That's a very good question, I hope it's all sorted soon, the worry must be effecting you all. I think contact CAB, ASAP.



It maybe a good idea to go to Citizens Advice as this can be a very confusing, hope you get it sorted.

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Thank you, I've looked at the Citizens Advice website, followed a link and another etc, ended up emailing AgeUK, who have given us various questions to think about all of which relates to DLA, think my brother, sister or myself will be visiting them soon x

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I have just been reassessed for DLA, hoping to get Medium rate Care so my son can claim Carer's allowance. So far I have had to support both of us on my pension and Low care DLA. The assessor says he thinks I should get it.


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