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Hi my names Lyn I'm 55 and I care for my 82 year old mum who struggles to get about due to Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Just over a year ago Mum moved closer to me as she was needing more and more help. The transition from being her daughter to her carer as well hasn't been easy. Unfortunately my husband and mum haven't always seen eye to eye and because of this I don't really get much support from him. I'm hoping that being able to talk to others on here will help me. Here's hoping! :)

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Is the support you would like from your husband emotional support or hands-on support like taking over some household duties? Whether or not you work outside the home or brought up children, I imagine that you and your husband looked forward to this time of life when you would have fewer responsibilities. I hope you can arrange for someone to stay with your mum while you and your husband go out together two evenings a week or a similar arrangement. You can get emotional support here.


Hi Lyn, sorry to hear about your Mum, it's a very difficult time I looked after my Mum who had vascular dementia amongs other things she came to live with us in the end as it was easier all round, fortunately my OH got on great with her more like a Son, but as he was working long hours most of the caring was left to me, she used to go to a day care centre twice a week and for respite to a local hospital for us to have a holiday, if you need physical help have you tried to get carers in to help you, ask at your surgery what is available for carers, as jaykay says there is always someone on here to chat to, take care

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