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5 truths about mothers

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday (just in case you’d forgotten!). As you dash out to buy a card / chocolates / flowers to show how much you appreciate her, here are some truths about mums that you’d never have believed growing up.

1.Mothers really do know best. Irritatingly, they usually turn out to be right about the important stuff. Like getting an education and carrying a handkerchief.

2.Your mother loves you without question. Even when you laugh at her inability to use a mobile phone or the TV remote.

3.Your mother just wants you to be happy. You may not always have agreed on what constitutes happy, of course. She wanted you to be a doctor, buy a house and marry the boy/girl next door. You wanted to leave school, drive a cool car and travel the world with your friends.

4.She had a life before you. She was young, healthy and independent once. Maybe she did more, saw more, achieved more, than you ever realised. Ask her.

5.Your mum wants you to remember her every day. Not just on Mother’s Day. Give her a call more often.

What ‘truths’ have you learned about mothers and motherhood over the years? Celebrate the wisdom and love of mums everywhere – share your thoughts and memories with others on the Care for Life forum.

Happy Mother’s Day!

SimplyHealth Care for Life team

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