Ideas for a distant daughter?

I live away from my parents and won't be able to get back to see Mum for Mother's Day. I've got some flowers being delivered but I always feel bad as I know my dad won't do anything special for mum on the day (and will still be expecting a roast dinner).

If anyone else is in the same situation or actually is the mother with a daughter far away, what would you do?


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8 Replies

  • Do you know of a favourite restuarant or pub they go to? If so could you send a gift voucher or arrange with the manager that you will pay for two meals and perhaps wine?

    Otherwise I feel sure a phone call and flowers will do nicely.

  • Hey bluebell, great idea :) Mum definitely deserves a glass of wine or two on me!

  • Gift voucher is a great idea! I live away from my mum as well and usually I get a gift voucher to have a massage. This year I bought tickets to the theater! ;)

  • You could order a bottle of champagne to be delivered or a voucher for a spa day or a hairdo. Tickets to see a show, cinema tickets, local coach companies might do days out and you could contact them for a voucher. I am sure she'd appreciate any of these - and you could always ring your dad and suggest that he gives your mum a day off from cooking. He could get a nice ready meal in that only needs heating up but would give her the day off.

  • Another thought - is there a branch of a shop like 'Cook' near your parents. How about phoning and ordering them a lovely meal to be delivered in time for mothers day?

  • I've never heard of this but will take a look. Sounds like a great idea! Thank you!

  • what a lovely idea

  • How about personalised video messages? These are so much easier to do nowadays with mobile phones and Ipads. I knew of someone who let the grandchildren record a message and they took the Ipad and showed them around their home as they lived abroad. It was a fun idea and the grandmother loved it. Kids have such a great thought process and can be quite randam. This can be carried through at any time and at any age. I think we get hooked into the general day to day chat, we forget the little things that are so much more fun.

    As mums we like to see what our children are up to and where they live. A video which can be kept also helps with people in care homes. The staff can replay different messages any time.

    A little late now maybe, but a photo book could be a nice idea to

    I hope you all enjoy your mothers day the best you can

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