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Lovely wife

Hi everyone I'm new on here and have Ra,OA and Angina I have worked all my life until July when I was medically pensioned off after 22 years driving LGVs , I'm 51 and although I would've liked to have carried on in some capacity but they weren't interested , I would just like to praise all the carers who do a wonderfull job and also my wife who's wonderful and cares for me , so all you lovely people take a bow😇

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popsmith -- It's nice to receive appreciation for us caregivers from you. Glad you expression appreciation to your wife. I know what angina is, but would like info on Ra and OA. Also, what is an LGV? I assume V stands for vehicle. You are one year younger than my youngest child.

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Sorry it's long foods vehicle and the Rheumatoid is it affects the immune system and the complications can affect every joint we have, the Osteoarthritis is wear and tear and of the joints I got this after I contracted the Rheumatoid disease , a lot off people think it's all the same but there are loads off different types off Arthritis and it's not until you get it that you start reading up about the different types


Meant to type goods not foods sorry swollen hands and fingers at moment


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