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4th STAGE HEMATOLOGY (facing BLOOD cancer)

My 77 years old grandfather was diagnosed with 4th stage of hematology just before 20 days. And doctor's opinion is to go with 1st chemo just to check whether the body is suffering from severe side effects or not after giving it or else he would be suffering a lot..And it's several doctors' say that now it is worthless to have chemotherapy..So PLZ HELP to decide whether to go for the chemotherapy or not!

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For 4th stage, chemo is useless. Go for natural therapy like Cancer Herbalist in Bangalore. Also there is a drug called IMINITEF for blood cancer & this is given free by a hospital in Pune. Please check online in google for more info. If you can send me your whatsup no, I can send you more information


Read drug as IMITINEF. It seems to work for only one type of blood cancer but also has side effects. My advice is go for natural therapies with least pain/side effects


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