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Will Cannabis Oil help a 4th stage stomach cancer patient ? Need urgent help.


My dad was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach last year. We had to opt for surgery where his entire stomach was removed. Chemotherapy we refused due to his surgery. After a year the cancer has reoccured. I have been reading about cannabis oil. He is unable to eat or consume even semi solids and losing weight rapidly. Can people out here from experience help with the following :

1. Does any one here have any experiences of cannabis oil having worked for stomach cancer.

2. Does the oil give the patient a high. How do we deal with such situations. My dad has never smoked or consumed alcohol.

3. How is this oil administered ? In food or otherwise ?

4. How much quantity is to be administered ?

5. By what time frame have people seen a difference in their health ? Have medical reports, PET scans shown a complete healing.

6. Where can I source good quality cannabis oil for this purpose in India ? Contact person/ number ?

Appreciate all the people out here having tried and testifying. Could you'll please help in my case.

Thank you.

Winfred Wilson

+91 98802 00400/

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Please contact Mr Daniel Rishi @ 74064 37435. He may be helpful in your case. Take care. Regards


Thank you Venky. I will contact Daniel.


Hello Venky, i have heard about you and saw you on youtube with R Simpson. Can you please help me to get original cannabis? i see a lot of fake online dont wat to waste time.. .we have gasteric CR diagnosed. time is very sensitive.


My name is Mrs.Christiana Miller from Canada,I never believe My husband will see 2018 It is with pleasure that i thank Rick Simpson for saving my dying husband with his cannabis oil.

We already lost hope for a better life when the report came that my husband cannot go for more Chemo anymore. But after so many research online, I gained a lot about the cannabis oil that i bought from the Rick Simpson whose contact I got online on reading a testimony about his past works and glory, The medication was delivered to me within 24 hours by the UPS delivery service after procurement. My husband has completed his treatment, unquenchable joy to all as my husband is cured of his stage 4 lungs cancer within 90 days of treatment. Thanks to all, today i acknowledge the greatness of cannabis oil. and you too can reach Rick Simpson on this email:

Cannabis Oil is the a medication for cancerous disease.


Thank you for the info. And congratulation to your husband. This world is full of toxic.... Im trying to get hold of him. Hopefully i will be able to get it very soon.


Hi Winfred,

Did you get any help? How is your Dad doing? I am also looking for cannabis oil in India for my brother who is diagnosed with stage4 lung lung cancer.




Hi Winfred,

I also need cannabis oil. My mother is diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer. I am continuing her treatment in Kolkata, India. Please help. Reach me out at



A person who is on 3rd stage of stomach cancer and doc said he cannot be diagnosed coz hia tumor isn't stable so will cannabis oil work in this case its urgent coz his life is at a risk so need a reply sooon



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