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Volunteering with Beat Cancer India

Dear Member, We are looking for volunteers to help around the site. Although we are only starting today, 14 March 2013, we know from past experience that our group will grow and grow. Take a look at it has 6000 members in 6 weeks.

For a community like this to succeed, we need members who are prepared to help each other, which I don't doubt we will find and we also need volunteers from the membership who can keep an eye on the forums, and suggest ideas for new polls and so on.

In 5 weeks, we will upgrade the platform and we will divide the community into categories so that each major cancer will have questions and blogs. It will be an even better resource than it is today.

So, we are reaching out for volunteers. simply click the volunteer button and a message will be sent to the admins....

many thanks indeed.

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I would like to volunteer. I am happy to act as a moderator for an hour a day and check there is no illegal posting, and also I can answer some questions - though I am not a doctor.

Glad to join.


dr advani from tata memorial hospital , mumbai is best ocnologist doctor in india


I agreed............



I would really like to contribute, if I can. I am not doctor but I am from the family which fights against this disease. I will be very happy if I am able to help a bit.


Nice inititative Ganesh!! ICanCaRe is also driving a similar campaign. I would ask them to share details of volunteers with you. Please share your email address.

I would like to make patients and family more aware of various organizations which have come up to help them fight cancer. One such organization is ICanCaRe which through its portal provide various medication and rehabilitation products -

You would even be able to buy supportive medication like Champix at their portal at affordable prices -


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