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Best Hospital for Cancer Treatment

hi my father has lymphoma and leukemia both cancer as the report said in lucknow.we were confused that how could be it possible that a person has two cancer.Now we came to max hospital delhi they are saying that they have confusin in bone marrow test so that test should be done again and seeing the previous reports dr. was saying that chemotherapy will be given for 80,000 per cycle.My only request to this forum is that please tell me best hospital or best doctor for this type of cancer treatment. Will Max Hospital delhi will be the fine for the treatment.


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CPAA is a non-medical NGO. As such we cannot recommend any hospital. We only support the patients in receiving the treatment their doctors have prescribed. However, for a second opinion, you could contact Tata Memorial Hospital on 022-24177000.


Sir, Get the second opinion from Rajiv Gandi Cancer Hospital New Delhi its in sector 6 Rohini. ASAP

Both the cancer mentioned are of Blood only.

The cost of treatment depends on type of cancer and drug administered In Big pvt hosiptal they seldom give any discount on medicines Their is 30% + discount is given by Chemist on Cancer drugs

leukemia treatment is available Free of cost in Chennai at Addiyar Cancer Institute.

Treatment can be taken from any qualified Oncologist

Protocol for the treatment will be same at all the palaces (World over) wherever chemo is induced the place should be clean and trained person/staff should be their to minimize the risk of secondary infection.

For both the diseases treatment is their so do not worry


Hi, Thanks for reply. I am very much confused that where to go everyone is telling different-2 hospital which will be good i am confused a lot.we were planning for Max hospital but now confused again.


Hi all.Sorry I don't know proper English.But in 12 years research I discovered one thing.All types of psoriasis,arthritis,some type of asthma,migrine,kidney failier,maigrine,heart attack,mental disorder and all types of cancers are linked with one separate viruse or cells or bacteria.It over productions or mutififcation these diseases will be coming.For example,It affects skin skin will became hard and loses its elasticity,The dead cells are come with scals.It affects bone joints,the synoviam will damages .so lubrication system failed.This is arthritis.The dead cells are like water typed stocked in joints,This affects skin and 15 years back this viruses goes to inside of and joints ,both affects psoriatic arthritis.It affects Lungs,lungs will became hard and loses its elasticity.The dead cells are come with cough.This was asthma.It affects kidney,kidney will became hard and Loses its elasticity.This is kidney failier.Rarely it affects in main blood cells ,heart attack.It affects some parts in skin ,that mean psoriasis.this is the same,it affects in side the human body, the modern medical says lung cancer,liver cancer,kidney cancer,breast cancer etc etc...

It affects hole body (inside)all are says blood cancer. Now this was very simply cured.If blood cancer(lucamia) in 3 days full changed.In my reserch only one herb destroyed this separate all this is are linked with one separate viruse.This herb destroyed the separate all theese diseases are complete cured.The asthma patients are one hour may fully changed.This was one different type of treatment.No intake medicine.This is not advertisement.This was my research dtails.Thans.I am from Tamilnadu.


if u think ur herb really works well.. u can go to any cancer treating hospital and discuss with doctors and help patiebts, by the way how many have you cured !!!

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Tata memorial Hospital in Mumbai, CMC Hospital, Vellore, Tamilnadu and Adayar Cancer institute, Chennai, Apollo Cancer Center are the best places for second opinion.

Appollo Chennai will be the best in my opinion, they will only ask you to get all the reports and give you only opinion, no futher tests will be required, if the exisiting tests reports are reliable.

But you have to decide which hospital to go according to your convenience and comfort level.


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