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Weight and growth question

My boy is now just a little over 3 months old and his weight is 21 pounds and height 24 inches. I'm worried as he is putting weight very fast. What did your baby weigh at this age and does it slow down at any time? Not sure how much longer he will be able to use infant car seat...any tips on choosing carseats and strollers?

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My boy put on a lot of weight until he was about 6 months old, then he slowed right down. At birth he was 8 pounds 5 and by 3 months he was just over 17 pounds (and 27 inches height). On the weight charts he went from 50th percentile at birth to over the top percentile at 3 months.

I too was worried about the car seat and stroller ! He fit in his capsule until he was about 10 months old when we bought him a car seat rather than a capsule (a Britax model that can still be rear facing), and he is still in the same stroller now (a Bugaboo Bee). Now he is 16 months old he weighs 30 pounds and is just over 32 inches. He fits in clothes one size up (mostly he is in 2yo clothes). From looking at other boys his age I don't think he is extremely large, he is still in the upper percentile for weight but not such that you would notice and comment on it.

I don't know how typical my son is of BWS kids but that is my experience - very fast initial weight then he slowed down.


Hi my son was 1 month prem and weighed 8lbs nearly, at 12 weeks he was about 16 llbs as he lost a lot of weight after birth due to feeding issues. However when all that settled down etc he generally stayed around the 95% centile, with the occasional jump followed by stabilisation. This has carried on throughout his childhood (he is now 12) and is now on the 100th centile for weight and 95st centile for height. Your consultant or whoever is monitoring your son should be keeping an eye on his weight etc. Generally they dont worry if they continue along the same centile rather than leaping up or down onto a new curve, and also if the height and weight are in proportion ie both on a high centile. But do talk to them about it. They may need to check hormone levels etc.


Hi. My twins were born 9 weeks early at 4lb 1oz and 4lb 5oz. That was around the 50th percentile. They gradually crept up the percentiles, and at 3 months they were on the 91st percentile. Now at 3 years one is on the 94th percentile and the other is 90th and they have consistently followed these percentiles for at least a year.

My two still use a buggy as they find it difficult to walk long distances. We have a Mountain Buggy but mainly use a double maclaren. However the straps on the maclaren are getting quite tight so not sure how much longer that will last.

I hope that info helps.

On a slightly different note, my twins are comparatively short on the 25th percentile for height. This makes their BMI really high and I'm not sure if this should be a concern or not? I read that it didn't matter if children were heavy and tall, only if they are heavy and short. I wonder if anyone has any experience of this?



Thanks so much for your messages. I do hope that he will slow down...its making me really worried. People always comment on how big he is when they see him and they cant believe he is just 3 months old..do others also comment on how big your child is?


My daughter was 11lb when she was born and she continued above the 99th percentile for both height and weight until she was about 3. She is now 4, and still at the 90th percentile so it has dropped slightly.. She is still taller and heavier than all her friends, but it tends to benefit her generally (we went to Disneyland and she could go on a lot of the rides!!)

We put her in a forward facing carseat at 9 months old as she had outgrown her baby one. This wasn't really an issue and she preferred it anyway. When she was 2, we bought a baby jogger buggy as she was really too big for the strollers. This was really nice and had lots of room for her!

She does grow out of her clothes very quickly, and wears clothes for a 6-7 year old even though she is only 4 1/2. The only thing we really struggle with is shoes as she has very wide feet. However, she has a lift anyway, so has orthopaedic shoes from the hospital most of the time. Its just trainers for PE, and ballet/jazz shoes that we really struggle with. She has also had to come to terms with the fact that she cannot wear pretty fairy shoes!


We occasionally get comments on their weight, usually referring to their big pot bellies! I normally put the girls in dresses or tunics as I can't find trousers to fit them. When they were younger one of my twins had a really big strawberry birthmark on her head and most people would comment on that rather than their size.

I really admire the mums and dads who manage to not let other peoples comments upset them, but I have found it hard if someone does actually say something. Now I just smile my way through it and put any hurtful comments down to someone elses ignorance.



My son is 17 months and weighs 14.6kg he is off the weight chart, we have been told to monitor his food intake, but that's hard as he just loves his food. He was born 8 weeks early and was 6-12lb. He is a big boy and people do comment but it doesn't bother me. He is in 2-3 clothes, which isn't too bad. He isn't fat he is just a stocky boy. Your son is going to be bigger that's what bws is. Don't worry about it :) xx


Thanks for all your messages! My son is also not fat but solid build and he is now 4 months and wearing 9-12 months clothes. Everybody alwys saying how big he is...


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