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Hi there I have a 2 year old boy who has bws he also had his bowels on the outside he has had 3 operations to repair his bowels also a tongue reduction and a hernia repair, I was just wondering if anyone can give me advice wether or not he should be entitled to some sort of disability payments? Iv been declines for him once but a lot of people have told me to keep applying as he should be entitled to something can anyone give me advice please

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Hi i applied for my son and like your self we got declined declined. I reapplied and got it i would definitely reapply reapply hope this helps.


If you live in the UK you can get DLA if your child needs more care than a child of the same age. There are mobility and care allowances. Most children with BWS don't fall into this category but there are some that do. Contact a Family have a lot of information about how to claim etc on their website that is worth looking at.


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