BWS and behaviour

My son has BWS and is now 13 years old. We've had issues with his behaviour since he was 18 months old. I've been trying to get him help since then. He's been diagnosed with depression and his CAMHS doctor is also considering ASD, ADHD, ODD and some other things. I'm really struggling to cope and no matter what the professional or I do he doesn't get any better. Does anyone have any experience of a child with BWS and behavioural difficulties? Our geneticist told us that there are links between BWS and ASD and both conditions are caused by issues with the same chromosome but there aren't enough studies to give definitive proof. Any advice would be greatfully received. X

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  • My son is 3 and his behaviour is bad. I think he has ADHD I've asked for him to be seen. His paediatrician refered him to CAMHS but they said he's too young. He is constantly moving, he's very loud, he can't consentrate. He doesn't play with toys. The only thing he will sit and do is watch his iPad, but even then he's jumping round or kicking his legs or moving his arms. He's very naughty and doesn't listen when I ask him to stop doing things. He runs on roads and doesn't understand it's dangerous.

  • My son is 11 years old with bws he is having exactly the same issues at the moment we going to camhs at moment he has severe anxiety also has signs of asd , he has behavioural difficulties we are also struggling with him on a daily basis he also struggles to cope with changes even with his foods he had also been like this from the age of 18 months I'm hoping to get some answers soon and I would be very happy to let you know the out come

  • Hi just thought i would let you know the out come of my 11 year old don he has been diagnosed with asd sensory problems and severe anxiety he also has ocd we hoping ti get him started on medication very soon x

  • Meant my 11 year old son with bws i hope you find this helpfull

  • Hi i would like to let u know that my son now finally has medication he. Has been put on melatonin as hes only been sleeping 1 to 3 hours per night he also has now got a diagnosis of autism he is hes now under occupational therapists and under another peadatrician he also has adhd and ocd.

  • Yes, my daughter just turned 11 yrs old and was diagnosed with BWS in-utero and was confirmed at birth and with genetic blood tests. She has always had extreme behavior issues and so far medical professionals will only diagnose with anxiety although she has been flagged in psychological tests for asd, adhd, odd, bi-polar, pdd, etc. we are still looking for answers. Everyone so far has told us they don't believe it is BWS related. My daughter is an IVF baby, day 5 frozen blastocyst embro so there is also an unknown factor to consider there as well.

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