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Is doing MRI safe? Does it affect T in a bad way? What is safer, CT or MRI?

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I believe my doctor is going to send me to do an MRI, I am afraid that the MRI could worsen my T, I have red that some people had T after an MRI, is it because of the sounds tha machin do? Or something else? because if the noise is the problem, I can waer a double ear blugs... your advices please.. should I ask him to give me CT insted? (I know MRI is safer rhan CT in geniral and shows better results)

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Hi Ranseen,You will be fine. I had an mri scan and a CT scan. You will not be in the machines very long . It is far better to have these scans and rule out anything that might need attention, than not to have the tests .

Good luck, your be alright .

How long did you have to wait rabbit? I seem to be waiting a very long time. While other people on the forum have gone thru to ENT quite quickly.

Sorry only just seen your message. I booked my appointment with a private consultant at the time as it was in lockdown and there was a 6 month wait. Then I went back to have the CT one done on the NHS that was also a wait of about 3 months. Covid has upset all the appointment waiting times. Good luck .

Thanks rabbit. I've been waiting six months. Just out of interest .. why did you have MRi and CT ? Do they pick up different things?

If you phone the ent department they might tell you how far up the NHS list you are .It’s worth waiting for to rule out anything that might be wrong.

You can pay privately . You would be seen very quickly then .

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Raneen in reply to rabbits65

Thank yiu, I will

Hello Raneen,

I recently had IAM & Brain MRI I was in the machine for approx 30 minutes. They were aware of my T so provided small ear plugs plus ear defenders. I could admittedly still hear the sounds quite loudly, and my T was heightened for a week or so thereafter but nothing that caused any lasting damage. Good luck!

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Raneen in reply to Hla20

Thanks for your comment, Good luch to you too

I had an MRI, it’s no problem at all, they give you headphones and play music through them. You could take a favourite CD if you wanted. I’ve had two MRI’s and music was played both times. Just make sure the volumes not too loud. It’s nothing to worry about.

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Raneen in reply to Philip6

Thank you for your respond

I've had three MRIs. They supplied earplugs. My Dr. gave me a valium. I slept through the last two. I lean towards being claustrophobic, so I made sure not to open my eyes after entering the tube.

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Raneen in reply to zaxdad

Thank you for reply

Hi Raneen, I've covered this questions many times on this platform in the hopes of saving others from my own fate. Simply put: there are different scanning facilities, some can accommodate headphone type earmuffs, while others(more high definition scanners) can't be used with them, they only use ear plugs which are inadequate.

If you are doing a brain scan without both ear plugs and ear muffs, it will make your tinitus worse. The scanner goes right over your ears, making very loud noise for a long time.

I'd had a brain scan for the same reason and instead of finding the cause of my T, it made it twice as bad and added hyperacusis to the mix.

Check to make sure you can have both methods of protection.

Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting. I'm sorry it made your T worse.

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Raneen in reply to Wringing1212

Thank you for the information, I did it 6 years ago and they provided me with headphones, so I suppose that I can even use both at the same time for better protection... otherwise I wont do it only with earplugs, .. thank you for sharing your experince.. and so sorry you had to deal witb a louder T after scanning... hopd you will feel better and all of as too ... thank you

. I actually enjoyed it, like a heavy metal concert ;)I have meniers and constant T, no change but no improvement either.

Best regards.

I’ve had three brain MRI scans over past couple years but didn’t notice any change in tinnitus but yes there’s a lot off noise with the machine but keep your eyes closed and it’s fine to get it done .

Hope that helps

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