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Kent Taylor's Covid19 T

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Ive not had Covid yet but a good friend who also has T has gotten it twice and commented that his T is much louder now.

Many of you may have read about Kent Taylor, the founder of the Texas Road house chain. He had Covid19 and afterwords faced severe symptoms, notably severe T, which pushed him to suicide.

I suffer severe T and severe eye floaters. I'm worried that if I got Covid19 that my floaters would become much worse and that my T would become catastrophic.

Is it time for the experts to way in on this topic?

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Do you mean the disease Covid or the vaccination? If you mean vaccination, see the reply to Costa that the admins of this site made earlier today.If you mean the disease, yes well try not to catch it! Get vaccinated!

There are lots of symptoms you can get following Covid, we in UK call this Long Covid, i don’t know whether you in the US have a different name for it. I believe there is already some research going on, I would think that if you go to the world health organisation website they might show something about the research if you’re interested.

Thanks happyrosie,

I was referring to the disease which you call long Covid. What's often less addressed in the media is how Covid 19 affects pre-existing conditions like T. I thought Kent Taylor's story should bring attention to not only Covid but T as well. Another celebrity, Hewy Lewis, has struggled with T and has at times become suicidal.

I did get the Pfizer shot number 1 and so far no serious side affect but they do warn, it's after the second one that you get pretty sick from it. I suppose, better sick from the vaccine than from the virus.

As for The WHO, I am very interested however, colleagues of mine undertook an expose that reveals how the WHO is Staffed through what we refer to as the revolving door. Employees of big industry, usually engineers, making policy that should be made by researchers and medical doctors. They are under the influence of large pharmaceutical companies and political agendas. I'd posted my findings in regards to 5G and it's affects on Tinitus on this platform and realized, few people care to really peal back the layers of the onion. I think they are wise, because if there's nothing you can do, best to ignore it.

Thank you for your kind reply and advice.

I rather agree with you, Wringing, about the WHO leadership - but the scientists reporting in to them or commissioned by them are all over the world and not subject to political influence, I’d have thought. I could be wrong.I’m surprised what you say about the second dose of Pfizer, a few of my friends have had their second vax and they all say they suffered no ill effects.

My sister in law and nephew are RNs in Covid units. Two of their co workers spent two days in the ER themselves after the second Pfizer dose. My sources tell me, if you'd already had Covid19, you will likely have severe side affects from Pfizer or Maderna.

I went ahead and gambled anyway, We'll see.

Your “ post” poses a very good point. Maybe if some of theseso called doctors experienced

our severe tinnitus they might

get on with the very much

needed research . There are

many long term side affects with

Covid 19 , still in the exploratory

Stages .

Yes, there is still much to be learned about Covid and what is known is being twisted in all directions before it gets fed to us.

I have a scientist friend who was the leed researcher on Jardia(not sure I spelled it right). She was always taken aback when the New York Times would pull out a study she'd done three years prior from their files and ran a headline "a recent study finds".

Many doctors do have T and without the political sway to get billions to spend on research, they must live with it and wonder the same thing we do. That is, why we can put a helicopter on mars but we can't even figure out how our own ears work.

One of my relatives asked me if I got migraines , she thought that maybe my trouble was connected to that subject . At the end of the day I think doctors have got too many people on their books to look at all our cases properly and therefore it’s always very “ surface” diagnosis . Almost no diagnosis. I think sometimes I myself can sort myself out just by working things out accordingly. However I find whatever is going on in my head frightening . As you say it would cost too much for them to explore the research path properly , so they just brush it off with saying , go away and just get used to it . Or give us ridiculous tablets fit for the bin.

Frightening it is. The good new is, at least in the short term, I've been able to come to grips with it by finding a few of my own methods.

I'm a master of escapism. Not Houdini but the mental escapist such Alice in Wonderland.

Engage your mind in things you can be passionate in. Suck the remaining marrow out of life. Search for things that amaze you. And accept that your little friend in your head is going to meet new frequencies and start a garage band and your their dad.

Thanks again for your very good reply . Certainly philosophy is the key !!!! I walk my two poodles but they do get excited and bark that doesn’t help my tinnitus and head . Covid hasn’t helped matters as I’ve not seen my family . Luckily I have a sister who lives nearby . But yes I will decrease my stress . I hope you both are very well and best wishes .

I have developed severe tinnitus floaters and static in my vision after Dental antibiotics. Nobody seems remotely interested in looking at at .....constantly told the antibiotics were safe. Now if every body woke up with T tomorrow there might be some action..

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Awe, I've got bad floaters and they really bother me. I've always attributed them to one of two potential causes. I developed them upon my recovery from what was called the Japanese flue. About 1998. I'd also done a 300' bungee jump tethered by my ancles, which forced tremendous pressure into my eyes. I've later learned the eye trauma(g forces) is likely the culprit.

Is there a connection between T and floaters? I couldn't say but I've got both and feel emotionally, they are in the same compartment.

I’ve now developed Visual Snow Syndrome . Static in vision (visual tinnitus) tinnitus and floaters. Part of the brain is not functioning correctly (Lingual Gyrus) so the filter is broken hence seeing and hearing too much.

Interesting. I've always been told by optamologists that floaters are dead tissue inside the eye that become opaque and cast shadows around inside the eye. A hyper awareness makes sense in that the brain training we do to ignore T is similar to how we try to ignore floaters. I realize there are many graphic things we see internally that are hard to describe. I'm going to look into this. Might this be a side affect of ESP, 😏or simply, whiplash?

Thank you

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