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To Microsuction or not


Have had T about 5 weeks now.My GP says I have ear wax build up in both ears,although my hearing is fine.I have read that if your ears are compromised having microsuction could make things worse.I am using Earol drops twice a day and have been for about 10days.Would greatly appreciate advise on this matter.Thanks.

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Hello Hammer. Some posters on this forum have said in the past that their T has started when ears have been microsuctioned.Personally, nothing will clear my ears of wax except syringing (now longer available I hear) or suctioning.

The deafness is so frustrating, I’m so pleased that I can hear again after the ears are clear. So I dont notice any change whatsoever in T which, in my case, has been longstanding. Other than the fact that when I can hear well, the real world is more prevalent so the T has to sink a bit into the background.

Other posters might have different views.

I have had T for many years. Particularly in the left ear. My ears regulary fill with ear wax and when they do so it appears that my T is worse. I generally go for microsuction and put the earoil in the ears twice a day for about two days prior to the ear wax removal. There is a thought that the putting Earol in the ear expands the wax and worsens the situation thus the reason for doing it just before wax removal.

I had wax build up and paid for micro suction in left ear and got tinnitus the day after. That was 6 months ago and still got it . I wish I had not done it.

I get wax build up in my ears and had microsuction to remove wax and developed tinnitus straight after and been there 18 months now ,won’t be having it again

Hillman51 in reply to Outfoxed48

Same here... had microsuction 7 months ago , left ear still ringing... 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️...never again ...


Microsuction does divide people in the tinnitus community - and I think some of the issues stem from identifying whether a build-up of ear wax has caused damage to the ear or whether some misapplication of micro-suction is at fault. That's a very hard question to answer, as there are usually only two people who can give a picture of what went on in an appointment.

One probable outcome is that ear wax left for long enough can cause damage to the ear, so removal options would benefit from being more numerous than being pared ever downwards and made more difficult to access.

Yeah, I got it bad after microsuction, though I can't say yet whether it just exacerbated an undiagnosed condition. Ironically it's supposed to be the safest option.

I’ve had Tinnitus for four and a half years now; just before new year needed to get my right ear seen to for a significant wax build up which was impairing my hearing. To be honest, I was really apprehensive as my T was loud in that ear particularly. I used Otex for about 10 days prior, which softened the wax but also expanded it, so my hearing in that ear was very dull.

The audiologist initially used a larger gauge ‘sucker’ but I found it too noisy so he ultimately had to use a quieter smaller gauge and also irrigation.

I was very concerned that the whole process would make things worse, but it actually better afterwards, probably as the wax was very deep and compacted and pressing on the eardrum.

My other ear was totally clear, so needed no treatment.

As BTAPat said, maybe more frequent attention might be better rather than leaving it until the ear is really clogged like mine was!

Hi, I have my ears flushed out once a year at the surgery not microsuctioned. It has not caused any problems with my T. I put olive oil in my ears for 10 days before I get it done.

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