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Help this is painful noise 24/7


Hello, I am new just this past Saturday I woke up to this high pitched whistling in my ears and its gotten worse. Today I alternate between I can live with this to I can't live with this the rest of my life. I can't get into a doctor and I am using noise masking sounds etc... but today isn't working. How do you live with this? How do you feel your quality of life is? Sorry very much struggling at the moment.

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Hi there. Is it a completely new thing for you or has it happened before? Lots of people are being triggered in this lockdown situation or has something else happened for that you can link it to? Is it both ears? If it is then that would indicate a reaction to a stressful event or possibly reaction to new medication? Just give me a bit of background so I can understand where you’re at.

This is completely new thing. That's what has me confused. It just started but today it's so loud I can't concentrate and the migraine headache I have isn't going away either. The only new thing I did on Saturday was use some nose spray for allergies. Could it be that? I haven't used it again. Right now I am wondering how to deal with this for the rest of my life and it seems overwhelming.

Hi again. Yes that must be very overwhelming if it’s a totally new thing. Are you in the UK? Have you been on the tinnitus association chat line. They are open from 9-5 Monday to Friday and gave me so much help in the early days. It sent me to the point of suicidal thinking so I totally understand. I got help from mental health team as well as the association. The severe tinnitus started in January for me after a labyrinthitis infection. We are now in May and things have settled down a lot. You’re obviously aware of sound therapy which is good. I was using that 24/7 in the early days. It was an absolute living hell but I got through it by reaching out for help. I never believed anyone that I would habituate to the noise but it does happen if we start to accept that the noise is there and try our best not to let it drive anxiety and stress up. Easier said than done I know. Let me know how things are today. Best wishes x

I will have a doctors appointment today I think they got me in because I was really losing it yesterday. All of you have helped so much! Thank you!

Hello you have come to the right place to get support others who have tinnitus and like me have learned to live with it will give you good advice and tips have you seen your Dr ? To get referred to your Local ENT which is the 1st steps the only advice I can give is which is hard for someone new to tinnitus is try not to focus on it keep busy take a hobby up to distract yourself from listening to it hope this helps .

Thank you I was an emotional mess this morning couldn't stop crying.

I was reduced to tears and screaming on my worse days you can’t hurry tinnitus but believe me it does get Easier.

Thank you it's been a very bad day. I appreciate you helping me.

Anytime just try and not get stressed not easy know stress is the worse thing for tinnitus have you looked at the BTA website they have loads of stuff also a free phone number to call they will advise you .

No, I haven't yet I will try that when I get home from work.

BTA was my 1st I turned to and they’re really helpful .

Hi sorry to hear your going through a bad time at the moment.i think like me and others who are also having trouble coping it’s being in lockdown I live on my own and apart from the care staff who come in the morning and evening and when my dinner is brought up I do not see any one.and not going out your brain is not being stimulated I watch tv listen to music but the T is so loud now sometimes I just don’t now how to asked how do you live with this I have loud T in both ears 24/7 it must be over6 years since it started I forget when but I’m still here it has been a struggle I have good day I have bad day mostly dad days.the truth is you just have to try to live with it keep using this forum look how other people are coping and try different techniques to help you there is a lot of advice on this forum.have you spoken to family or friends about T if not tell them show them any information about T I found there are websites about T with samples of sounds that match people’s T then get friends or family to put headphones on and listen and most of the say oh I don’t now how you live with that and I say now you know what I’m going through.belive me they become more supportive and they listen and they can tell when I’m struggling and help me through it.

Stay safe fight it.

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So you weren't able to habituate despite it being 6 years for you? You know, since you said you mostly have bad days... :/ I gotta say that doesnt sound comforting at all.

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Don’t worry to much T affects different people in different ways some people The T stops others it’s not to bad.its just unfortunate that my T affects me the way it’s does.

Hopefully yours will not de that bad.

Thank you for your advice. Today isn't as big of a nightmare, yesterday I didn't know how to get from minute to the next. I will look up those websites because my son thought I was just over reacting.

I’m really sorry to hear that, I remember when I first got it and it was awful. I went to the doctors who referred me to an ENT specialist, they checked my hearing (it was fine) and they cleaned my ears for me. That was no help, I was then referred to a tinnitus therapist which I have to say was very helpful. Tips my therapist gave me that really helped for me was pillow speakers, breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation and try to not focus on the noise but to keep myself busy and distracted. It also helped to keep a diary on the tinnitus and to speak to family and friends about it. I got it five years ago and became habituated to it after two years that I kind of forgot I even had it. I’ve had a bit of a relapse now and am struggling again but I hope to get through it again. It really helps coming on here seeing you’re not alone. I hope you’re feeling better

Thank you for the advice it helps to hear what others are doing to ease the symptoms and that I can overcome this. Glad to hear it is possible to become habituated to this.

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