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Spinal surgeon


Just had appointment with spinal surgeon looked at mri found a lot of compression c4 c5 c6 c7 specialy 6 and 7 instruction our local hospital to try epidural first which our hospital said it was not a problem then may need de compression op and just do neck stretches which our pyhsio instructed when I did them one way I moved lots off buzzing in head where all my tinnitus is

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That sounds heavy! On the plus side, at least they have found a problem that might well be causing your tinnitus. On the minus side, cervical spine surgery is serious stuff.

Have they said why - and where on spine - they’re doing an epidural? Have they told you what’s caused the compression? Do they think an op will definitely and permanently fix it? Could a regular trip to the physio get those discs apart without surgery, given enough time, exercise and maybe lifestyle changes e.g. head posture?

In your shoes, I’d write lots of questions down, including risks of both epidural and surgery, and be asking for answers to all of them. Then I’d have a long think about next steps that I’m comfy with before making any decisions. Good luck!

Eabxj28 in reply to bridgeit

C5 c6 epidural. They are doing not sure it’s the tinnitus problem when I do neck exercise they gave when I go forward the noise gets loader in head all mine is in head hardly any comes out of ears

Eabxj28 in reply to Eabxj28

And I get electric shock pains down front of arms at times numb hands the nerves which are getting squashed could be affecting vestibular nerve which runs up side off ears maybe causing head tinnatus

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