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Do braces affect tinnitus


Hey. I’m due to get braces on soon but I’m worried that the pressure of a brace will cause my tinnitus to get worse, as if I clench my teeth, push jaw forward etc it does increase the sound . Just wondering has anyone any experience going through braces with tinnitus? I asked my dentist but she just said that tinnitus isn’t caused by your jaw . Thanks in advance

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I got braces 3 weeks ago and haven’t noticed any change with my tinnitus

I had four implant put in and I didn't have problem my tinnitus still the same

I had braces recently and it didn't affect my tinnitus at all. Your dentist is right, your jaw doesn't cause your tinnitus - it will take a bit of time to get used to braces though - hope all goes well for you

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Thanks for the help tarabel hope i have the same outcome 🙂

The position and health of the jaw / jaw joint can most definately affect tinnitus.

Thanks for your reply 🙂

You are welcome - Do you have TMJ / TMD?

I don’t know I have had a problem with the left side of my jaw on and off for a year now it cracks all the time and gets really sore and it used to lock all the time but I’ve had tinnitus for 4 years now so I never linked the two

Are the braces for your jaw issues?

Choose your username no they are solely for my teeth 😊 another 2 weeks and I’ll have them on I’ll keep posted on how they affect my tinnitus 🙂

Hi Amyleeh,

First off, I wouldn't worry. The last thing you should do is to allow your tinnitus to stop you seeking appropriate treatment for another issue. There is a link between tinnitus and some jaw disorders and there have been studies whereby brain scanning has detected changes in the auditory cortex while tinnitus participants have been manipulating their jaw (and reporting that their tinnitus noises were changing), but I don't think braces will make your tinnitus worse. My best bet is is that sorting out this jaw issue (it sounds so painful) will put you in a better place, and that always helps with tinnitus.

Good luck - and do tell us how you're getting on.

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Thank you for your kind words JamesJ_LTU that had brightened my day 🙂

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