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New treatment for tinnitus


I've been reading about a new treatment with some promising results for tinnitus. It's called personalized auditory-somatosensory stimulation. It seems to be some sort of electrical shock device. Can't seem to find anyone that provides this treatment, has anyone heard of this treatment or where you can get this treatment.

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Where did you read about it? Have you searched online about this treatment?

It sounds like it's a different name for bi-modal stimulation, which was discussed in last year's BTA Research Review.

There are a few organisations working on this treatment path at present - stimulating the trigeminal nerve in conjuction with auditory stimulation (playing sounds through headphones basically). Neuromod appear to be closest to bringing something to market.

There are other versions, using different stimulation points - Salustim for example, which uses the vagus nerve.

The cynic in me can't help wondering why you would choose this topic to be your first post on this forum? Do you have a vested interest in this treatment somewhere?

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It is my husband who has tinnitus and I was just frustrated that there seems to be nothing that has helped so far so I have been researching myself and am finding it hard to find anyone that provides this treatment. We are in Ireland.

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The Nueromod device has been developed in Ireland. It's due to go on the market this year.

Thank you for posting that EllaAnn. It's important we share as much as we can to help each other, particularly positive stuff and news of new possible treatments. Positivity and hope have huge healing qualities in themselves x

Nothing ever seems to be available in Scotland for tinnitus. My local Audiology Department won’t recommend any medications or apparatus that is currently under research or on trials elsewhere. Let us know if you obtain this treatment for your husband and if it’s successful or not.

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The Neuromod device is being geared up for a commercial launch Sid. No word on costs yet, but I think we're safe to assume it won't be cheap.

I once read in a paper quite some time ago that they found "jump starting " the brain cures it but havnt been able to find out anything since !

I know what you're saying Linda, it must be a bit like how ECT is supposed to work. I actually had two rounds of ECT can you believe when I had severe anxiety. This treatment is used in severe depression. I didn't have depression at all. I suppose they didn't know what else to do as I was suffering so badly. I don't have anxiety anymore. I won't go into how I got myself well, but I did. Suffice to say the ECT did absolutely nothing to help. The horrendous anxiety symptoms remained, but I did see it have some success used with some of my patients with depression. So there could be something in these new treatments to change brain activity to eliminate T.x


This does sound like the Neuromod device, which we believe is going to be launched later this year.

For it to be available on the NHS, HissingSid, it will have to be approved by NICE - which will mean rigorous independent trials. Which will have to be funded by Neuromod and their backers. I don't have word yet on pricing for private treatment - when I have information to share, you can be sure I will.

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

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