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Tinnitus spike, how bad is it?


Hi everyone. I am new to this forum.

I was diagnosed with tinnitus back in 2013, after an ear infection developed complications and turned into suffering from tinnitus intermittently over the next several months. I have never really had the same constant sound - it often shifts on a daily basis. I already suffer from anxiety, and tinnitus sent me into a bit of a spiral of constant worry and a feeling of hopelessness

Anyway, over the past couple of years, my tinnitus really called down. It went from an everyday annoyance to almost something I barely give a second thought.

Stupidly getting complacent, last week I went to my workplaces’s Christmas party which was at a club with very loud music. I normally use ear plugs at loud events but for whatever reason I forgot on this occasion. 2 days later and I am suffering for my complacency. Tinnitus is back and worse than ever, and it seems to be worse when hearing loud sounds at the moment, possibly linked to hyperacusis/extreme sensitivity to sounds. I am just praying that this is a temporary measure. I know most people get a bit of tinnitus after loud music events but because I have suffered with it before, I am very worried. I suppose I am just seeking some reassurance or advice on how to proceed from here? Thank you in advance for any responses.

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I’m so sorry for you. I know that I have times when I desperately want to be a normal person, and damn the torpedoes. Being with groups of people is the most difficult; I get immediately panicked. But then there have been times in the car when I’ve just had to blast the rock music, (knowing it was not a good idea). If you hang out for a while meditating or getting back in touch with your body, I’m hoping that it is temporary (until you want to be normal again). I get it. It’s scary and frustrating for me when that happens. 😣

Hi I sympathise with you. Same here was so low could not hear it then went to Vegas back so baddd. Hv apt with ent end Dec hooong to get something to help. It will go as before I know that to but the process is so long. You have to relax maybe take up yoga or chat to yourself about something nice. I download white noise and listen to that and of course sleeping pills. It the worst thing ever. Good luck

Hopefully it’s just a short period spike in your case here. This happens to me as sometimes it’s little things that trigger my T off. Repetitive sounds likes children bouncing a ball on the concrete paving slabbed paths can set me off. These can calm down next day while listening to loud music in a pub can last the weekend from a Friday onwards. We are all different in terms of spike periods. Just learn from what set you off and don’t do the same again. There is no other solution as it’s in your hands (or ears) to control it. Good luck!

I truly believe this spike will calm. The worst thing you can do is add fear and worry to the mix. I believe our emotional response to our T is key here. I have spikes if I drink, of am stressed, but I always have the belief it will settle again, I don't become fearful, relax into the symptoms ( I know that sounds very damn difficult!) But with practice it gets easier. Don't fight the spike! I had some wine last night and this morning my symptoms are worse. They're worse whilst I'm typing this, but I'm just letting it be, and looking forward to when it settles down. You may think this sounds a bit wishy washy, but this is my mind set. Obviously avoid any loud sounds where possible. I'm going to order some of this TRT ring drops (can't remember exactly the name), but they're on Amazon us or EBay, just to see what happens, someone posted a positive result from using these. Best wishes x

Thanks so much Hayley. It’s an emotional rollercoaster having tinnitus at times. One day I think it will be gone or I can cope, the next morning I’ll feel at rock bottom again. But I’ve got through it before, I can get through it again. I’ve ordered some of those Ginkgo Biloba tablets online to see if they do any good, meant to be a natural remedy for tinnitus.

Thanks again for your reply.

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