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Gimme some positvity! :)


Hiya everyone!

Today I would like to start a Tinnitus posivity thread.

Something for someone to look at when their Tinnitus is getting them down and they need a boost.

Understandably, the forum has a lot of sad posts but lets keep that sadness away from this thread and lets see what happens.

Your positivity post could literally be anything e.g 'I managed to make breakfast without my Tinnitus affecting me' or 'I was able to forget about my T for 5 minutes'.

I'll start the thread off! Come on lets get the boost going!

Thank you!


My T changed sound and I didn't panic :)

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What a great idea GertrudeandDaisy.

How about for me - I was reminded again that people are keen to help us, even when they have their own struggles.

Best wishes


I had an afternoon out in Edinbugh yesterday being in quiet places as well as in a pub with music playing and I got lost in the music as it was from my era. Tinnitus never bothered me the whole afternoon I was out. Let’s have more of this!

That's a smashing idea and lets face it, we could all do with a bit of good news! I had a great day on Tuesday when my wife and I went for some retail therapy and a spot of lunch. Being surrounded by noise and Christmas music most of the day meant my t took a backseat and didn't surface again until much later in the evening at home.

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday with my great grandson who is three mr t didn’t bother me .

Great Idea!!!!!

Well I started Painting my house this week

And I will say it took my mind off the Tinnitus I even was singing to the radio lol

Something I do not do anymore due to Tinnitus. My wife was happy also to see me in a positive mood.


I have phases with tinnitus, I’m 33 had it since I was 14, no underlying causes. I go through phases where it intrudes on my life and sleep daily and other times while still there it doesn’t seem to bother me. Right now I’m going through one of those phases, it’s there all the time and feel there is no hope. The positive is I have been in this place before and come out the other side so I believe I can do the same again

Hi Gertrudeanddaisy,

Brilliant idea! Let's all focus on the positive when we can. For me, anything that distracts me from my tinnitus (no matter how briefly) is a good thing. That's what I strive for every day. Even composing these words has given me a brief distraction.

Respectfully submitted,


Yesterday I went to see a Cranio sacral therapist and it was so relaxing. Then I had a lovely lunch out with my husband and I didn't notice my T at all until I got home. So I keep reflecting on the lovely day to keep my spirits up and to hold on to hope x

I had a fab afternoon walking by the sea. Forgot my T for a while!

Ooooh I like your style... after an absolutely awful day with my Tinnitus ... I really needed some positives.. yes let’s all keep up the positive vibes!!

Great idea. I am looking forward to lots of good times despite T. Positive thinking, relaxation and keeping busy helps.

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